What Causes a Computer to Shut Down Unexpectedly

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Lets see what our experts has to say on this issue - What causes a computer to shut down unexpectedly and cannot be restarted except by cutting and reinserting the power cable?

What causes a computer to shut down unexpectedly and cannot be restarted

J Erigngham Says -

You can begin by inspecting and cleaning air vents and fans. Remove the processor's heat sink but carefully clean the fins and fan blades.

To get a clearer understanding of the situation, you might install some diagnostic software that monitors your computer's performance. The level of information shown depends on your motherboard, but processor temperature is still noticeable.

Consider the past. If you newly installed a high-end graphics card or something else that places a strain on the power supply, this may be the source of the issue. Faulty USB devices or leads will bring a computer to a halt. Reduce the size of the PC (by reverting to a single hard drive and motherboard) and attached computers to the very minimum required for operation and run it for a while and see whether the computer keeps cutting out.

Generally, motherboard and power supply replacements are not a feasible choice. PSUs are very simple to substitute. Never discard a functional yet out-of-date computer! The PSU is an excellent candidate for recycling in its primary usage state.

Wicida C says -

Sometimes, the device can experience a glitch, necessitating a complete power reset, particularly if it is an older PC

A component that is overheating, an ageing electronic component, a malfunction, or a virus can even cause an interrupt, forcing the machine to shut down.

If it shuts down often and regularly, this might mean that a virus has infiltrated the system and is beginning to spread....you may need to do a full virus scan or clean the whole machine.

It is also likely, since I had previously experienced a website that requested payment... They attempted to place a lock on my IP address, seizing and freezing my laptop in the process... almost as though I were being kept hostage.

The only way I was able to resolve the issue was by fully shutting down the laptop, replacing the plug, and not using it for two days without an internet connection.

Phillip R says -

As a power supply experiences a safety shutdown as a result of a severe malfunction, such as a dead short circuit on one of the power rails, the power supply can "latch" into an unrecoverable condition in order to avoid more harm or personal injury. This may be a thermal fuse or some kind of protection.

Removing control from this protection circuit resets it. Although certain power suppliers automatically reset after the fault condition resolves, others need power removal to reset the fault condition. It is entirely dependent on the architecture.

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