Windows Lite may support Win32 applications in Sandbox Environment

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Windows Lite may support Win32 applications in Sandbox Environment
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Microsoft has been working on Windows Lite for some time and the company recently released details of a modern operating system, which shows that they are still working to fix it.

Even though we don't know the features of Windows Lite, Microsoft Insider's new filtering, WalkingCat confirms that Microsoft can allow Win32 applications on Windows Lite. This operating system is specifically designed for teachers and companies that do not want users to install applications from unknown sources. Therefore, we assume that Microsoft will not allow Win32 applications.

We cannot ensure features until Microsoft actually launches the operating system, but it seems that the company can allow Win32 applications. This should be good news for educators who don't want to send their application to the Microsoft Store to run it on Windows Lite. Right now, we don't have ETA when we start Windows Lite, but there are rumors that we can see it immediately.

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