Windows 11 - How to Fix Slow Boot Time in Windows 11

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Slow startup is one of the most aggravating Windows problems. You'll hate going on or restarting your computer if Windows takes an eternity to boot.

Slow booting is, thankfully, a fixable problem. We'll teach you how to solve the most frequent causes of sluggish startup in Windows 11. 

How to Fix Slow Boot Time in Windows 11

Commands needed in the video tutorial

powercfg /hibernate on


sfc /scannow


The quick startup option is one of the most troublesome options in Windows 11 that causes sluggish boot speeds. This is turned on by default, and it's intended to speed up starting by pre-loading certain boot information before the computer goes off. (Note that although this feature affects shutting down, it has no effect on restarting your computer.)

While the name seems to be enticing, it creates problems for many individuals. As a result, if you're having trouble booting up, this is the first thing you should do.

Open Settings and go to System > Power & Sleep to turn it off. To access the Power Options menu in the Control Panel, select Additional power options on the right side of this screen.

Here is where you should click. On the left sidebar, choose what the power buttons do. To modify the settings on this page, you'll need to grant administrator access, so click the wording at the top of the screen that says Change any settings that aren't working right now.

Untick the box now. To deactivate this option, turn on fast startup (recommended), then Save Changes.

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