Windows 11 - How to Install Java on Windows 11

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This article will walk you through the procedures necessary to install the LTS version of Java, Oracle Java latest version for Windows 11, which is officially provided by Oracle for Windows. It walks you through the steps necessary to install Java latest version on Windows 11. Other versions of the Windows operating system should follow the same procedure.

We recommend uninstalling previous Java versions unless an earlier version is expressly needed by other applications, such as Android Studio. As stated in the video, we can verify the presently installed and active JDK on the console.
It is important to note that the JRE will no longer be included with the JDK in version 11, as it was in version 10. If necessary, we must install JRE individually.

 How to Install Java on Windows 11

Download Link - Java JDK For Windows 11 System

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