Windows 11 - How to Share File / Folder on a Network

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 How to Share File / Folder on a Network in Windows 11

Do you want to share a file or folder with another device on your network? Changing the settings on your computer to transfer data across computers is simple. We'll teach you how to share a folder across your network, whether you're using Windows or Mac OS, in this beginner's tutorial.

  • On a Windows computer, here's how to share a folder:
  • Right-click the folder you wish to share and choose Share.
  • Select Give Access to > Specific People from the drop-down menu.
  • You can then choose particular users and their access levels (read-only or read/write) from the drop-down menu. After you've made your decision, click Share.
  • If a user isn't listed, enter their name into the taskbar and press Add. You have the option of sharing with Everyone.
  • To share, click the Share button.

Simply search for your computer's name in the Network area of another computer on your network to access your shared folder. When you choose it, a new option to link to this folder will appear.

Note that you may share files with members of your HomeGroup in earlier versions of Windows. This feature is no longer available in Windows 11.

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