Now Windows 10 will have a large number of scheduled updates

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On June 24, Microsoft will reveal the name of the next version of Windows, with sources speculating that it would be named Windows 11 but yet to be confirmed by Microsoft.

Now Windows 10 will have a large number of scheduled updates
Image Credits: Microsoft

While the corporation has previously referred to its next-generation operating system as codenames Sun Valley and Cobalt internally, when it is released on June 24, it will simply be known as Windows 11 or Windows + something. It will be a free and optional update for individuals who currently have Windows 10, and it will be available to the general public in the autumn.

The "Yet to be named" Windows 11 or Windows Sun Valley is reported to include a totally new Start Menu, Action Center, Taskbar, and a visual makeover of other fundamental components like flyouts, context menus, program menus, and so on. Aside from UI improvements, the next edition of Windows will also have significant scheduling adjustments.

Windows has a system scheduler that manages multitasking and boosts overall platform performance by choosing which threads should get the next processor time slice. The scheduler is meant to use scheduling priorities to decide which thread should run next, although it is presently not optimized for hybrid CPUs.

According to reports, the next edition of Windows would have "huge scheduling adjustments" to accommodate Intel's forthcoming CPUs. Moore's Law is Dead, a leaker and YouTuber, claims that Intel's long-awaited 12th generation lineup "Alder Lake CPUs" will be released in October with Microsoft's next version of Windows.

According to reports, Intel's Alder Lake processors would use both regular CPU cores and extremely efficient/low power cores to provide improved performance and longer battery life on laptops. According to certain sources, Alder Lake CPUs will provide a significant performance boost over Rocket Lake CPUs.

Microsoft and Intel are also collaborating on performance improvements for Intel's "Alder Lake-S" desktop CPUs. According to rumors, Windows 11 or Sun Valley will improve support for hybrid CPUs in the scheduler (CPU cores designed for different tasks).

The operating system will be unveiled on June 24, but it will not be accessible to the general public in production until Q4 2021. After the event, though, testers in the Windows Insider program will be able to check out preview releases of the next-generation Windows.

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