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Due to the rapid technological advancement and individual need for success, building programs that will help you study and learn things has never been so easy. This is possible thanks to the development of the entire system of online classes where you can reach any moment and get acquainted with the knowledge you want to master or at least expand. Starting from the degree programs like Bachelor, Master, and Ph.D. studies and ending with online courses regarding various topics. 

The most surprising thing about these systems is that some of the most famous universities and schools offer lectures and seminars from the various studying programs that are completely free, and tailored to your own schedule. Here are some guidelines on how the online classes actually work and how they can be delivered.

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There are various types of online classes that are conducted nowadays. Some of them refer to the obligatory part of the education and are live-streamed either form the teacher’s home or from the teaching facility, and there are various platforms for it to be performed where you can find the contents or upload the contents available to them all. You can read up on different reviews and comparisons, like on, and see all the pros and cons.

This became a popular way of teaching due to the COVID-19 pandemics where it became the only way for teachers to deliver their classes. However, this came to exist long before the pandemics occurred, and there were some schools where the classes were delivered and students examined completely online. In this line, the lectures can be live-streamed or prerecorded for students to always have the learning content available. 

This is the principle of functioning for some online courses where people have constant access to the materials they covered and to the one they are about to cover. Additionally, some teachers, and it is a mandatory part of online courses, compose small quizzes for students to check the knowledge from the particular studying area.


Assessment is another very important aspect of online teaching and it can be conducted in different ways for professors to have full insight into students’ performance and achievements. Sometimes, professors combine more than one assessment method and use various principles for the most objective image of the students’ performance. These are just some of the things teachers use for the final mark formation regarding online teaching.

Individual assignments

This is one of the most used methods and it refers to the assignments that are given to the individual to complete. The student is provided a topic, deadline, and word count they must respect in order for a topic to be valid. The student is being provided with all the necessary instructions for creating well-structured and well-argued arguments.


Discussions are a type of activity that is used in everyday conversation all the time and are quite popular among the teachers especially in face-to-face classes, but it works a bit differently when used in online classes. Namely, teachers propose a topic or the question for the debate, and the responses are being posted on the platform where students’ responses usually end up in a huge debate.

Journaling activities

This is like some kind of making a record of the previously covered materials and activities. You are making entries and writing down all the important definitions and key terms that are the highlights of the lecture or the particular studying area. This knowledge journal writing gives a professor insight into how much you are progressing and what are the strong and weak points in your studies. Unlike any other type of assessment, you can use subjective style when writing your entries and make self-reflections. In this line, you can refer to yourself in the first person.


The most nerve-wracking period of the semester is where you have to show what you have learned and to go for the best marks. This is usually the most stressful period for any student and is equally stressful for the teachers who are obliged to compose and objectively assess all the papers. However, it is a bit different when the exams are conducted online. 

This is why exams in these situations are usually conducted in a form of the final individual assignment. On the other hand, some institutions may have online spaces where they can track if the students are visiting any other websites during the online face-to-face examination.

Online lecturing and studying is not an entirely new thing. This principle of studying is used for quite some time at some universities and elite schools. Students are preferring online studying because it gives them more time for the activities they like and they can make their own studying schedule instead of it being prescribed. 

Having in mind the progress of technology and the constant changes in the educational system, there is no doubt that it will become one of the major teaching tools in the near future.

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