How to Fix .NET Runtime Optimization High CPU and Disk Usage on Windows 11

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.NET has a programming tool called mscorsvw.exe which helps to change the appearance and feel of the Windows operating systems by speeding up program startup. When you open the Task Manager, you will see a high utilization of the computer's resources and that is when the process gets longer.

After a Windows update to the newest version, the high PC usage issues typically occur within the Microsoft .NET runtime optimization service. It's most likely that a microsoft bug is the reason for the issue.


For 32-bit operating system

 cd C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319

For 64-bit operating system

 cd C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v4.0.30319

ngen.exe executequeueditems




sfc /scannow


sfc /scanfile=c:\windows\system32\ieframe.dll


sfc /verifyfile=c:\windows\system32\ieframe.dll



Command 6


Command 7


How Fix .NET Runtime Optimization High CPU and Disk Usage on Windows 11

This is a problem that can occur after an update is installed to the.NET Framework. The process executable is mscorsvw.dll or similar and will be displayed in Task Manager. There is a service for run option service. It has a service that runs to maximize .NET. A framework in return for this makes sure that apps and programs run fast.

Users have reported that the utilization of the time taken by this optimization sometimes consumes a large number of CPU resources each time it is run. It lasts for a couple of days. In order to solve the problem, we need to follow the methods I'll give you below.

Why is the.NET run through Optimization Service consuming high amounts of processing power? They say the process needs to be recompiled and open again when the computer is not in use. Microsoft does not think the process should go on for too long. There is no indication that this is the case and people have to wait more than a week without making any progress. 

You can try to speed it up by running certain commands. There is a possibility that the service on your computer is being operated by a malicious software program or possibly a combination of the two. Have you tried running software on your computer? The anti-plagiarism service might be using a high amount of resources if there is malicious software in its system. The service may have been corrupted and it was time to restart it.

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