How to Recover Lost Password From RAR File [ Finally Solved]

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 Hello guys, you might have gotten a RAR file somewhere which is password protected, or a files that you created a while ago but now you don't have the password, you don't remember it. No need to worry, we have got it covered with the help of RAR Recovery tool. 

I am showing you a complete demonstration in this video guide.

Download PassPer RAR Recovery

The tool is now called Passper, it used to be Passfab.  iMyFone, a technology company, owns the Passper brand as a subsidiary. When a user forgets a password, Passper has been able to assist them defeat password security and retrieve their passwords thanks to the strong technical team of iMyFone. 

To quickly and easily decrypt any RAR/WinRAR archive, use Passper for RAR. Passper for RAR may be used by following the instructions outlined below.  Passper for RAR may be downloaded to your PC and installed as instructed by the screen. 

The first step is to On the RAR Password Recovery screen, click the "Add" button. Find the RAR file you want to recover the password for and open it. 

Then after you've chosen the file to be recovered, you'll need to pick a recovery mode. 

Here's a quick rundown on the four different assault options you have at your disposal. Send us an e-mail at if you're still unsure about which attack mode to use.

Dictionary Attack: This mode tries every string in the built-in or custom dictionary to recover RAR passwords that have been lost or forgotten. This approach is often used because to the large number of common passwords it includes. These attacks are incredibly effective and recover quite quickly because of the vast database they use. 

Using this strategy, you may specify the combination of characters that the software should use to crack your password. This is a good option if you're having trouble remembering your password's individual components. 

Using your first and last name (Rose) and a few random digits, you can construct a password that is 6-8 characters long every time. 

  • Length of Password: 6 to 8 characters 
  • This letter is a R in uppercase. 
  • Lowercase Letters: o,s,e 
  • Select All from the List of Numbers 

Your characters may be combined in any number of ways by the computer. Your password will be easier to remember if you use fewer characters. 

Using the password hint you somewhat recall, the Mask Attack mode attempts to guess your password. This approach requires you to remember a certain character type that is not part of your password. 

For example, you are certain that your password does not include any symbols. In addition, you often use 6-8 character passwords that include your name (Paul). After that, you may alter the options as follows: 

  • Length of Password: 6 to 8 characters 
  • Symbols and characters are not included. 
  • characters: Paul, in any order or combination 

All other characters (uppercase, lowercase, and numerals) will be combined with "Paul" in order to obtain your accurate password. Passwords might be difficult to remember if they don't include your full name. 

If you can't remember the password, brute force attack is your best option. Here, the software will attempt every conceivable combination in an attempt to decipher the password.

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