The Benefits Of Strong Packaging Design For Your Brand

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We all have heard the saying," never judge a book by its cover." While we should never take appearances for granted, we still make decisions purely based on aesthetics. Whether it is food, medicine, or the electronic industry, packaging design is a significant player in increasing sales and influencing customers' buying decisions. From tapping into the customer's subconscious to value-adding functionality, product packaging helps with all.

Many manufacturers believe that product and performance are the most critical aspects of their brand. But, in fact, packaging design also impacts brand reputation, adds value, and increases profitability. Besides this, the competition never ends; you are constantly competing to beat your rivals with the next big thing. One of the ways is innovative, sustainable, and proper packaging that can awaken a robust emotional response from your target audience. But wait for a second, have you ever wondered how packaging design influences the market and impressions regarding your brand? If not, now is the time to think about how packaging design helps your business grow.

The Benefits Of Strong Packaging Design For Your Brand
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As you may not realise, consumers take around 5 to 7 seconds to make a purchase decision. An average UK consumer is exposed to over 40,000 different products in a single supermarket trip, where each is competing for consumers' attention – that's a lot. Besides this, roughly 65% of store shoppers buy products from the shelf if they like the packaging, even without researching the brand.

Packaging design is the element that helps a brand stand out from the crowd and at the same time grabs their attention through packaging colour, material, style, branding, etc. Not yet convinced that packaging has the power to impact your brand? Here is a list of reasons to reconsider your packaging strategy and materials.

Packaging Design Is An Important Business Driver

Product packaging plays a vital role in attracting customers, forcing them to choose your product, and acting as a brand communication vehicle. According to a report, packaging design is directly linked with customers' perceptions and feelings regarding the brand. Another study by the Paper and Packaging Board stated that more than 70% of consumers agreed that the product's packaging influenced their purchasing decision.

Moreover, 70% of consumers create an impression of a brand solely based on the packaging. And 55% of online shoppers agree to shop again from online businesses that deliver products in customised packaging. Not only this, but the same report also revealed that for 63% of consumers, the packaging is equally important as the brand and product itself.

Did you know that quality packaging can help justify the high prices of products? According to a study, more than half of the consumers agreed to pay a bit more for products whose packaging was attractive, isn't it shocking.

Pros Of Good Packaging Design

Packaging design is a critical consideration in the marketing and selling of products. Consumers are drawn towards them and can reflect brand value. Here's how having a great packaging design can boost your business:

Acting As An Extension Of The Brand

Packaging acts as a brand ambassador allowing brands to enter the market without the hassle. According to research, 90% of consumers trust brands that offer innovations in products and packaging.

Trust in a brand actively influences brand loyalty created through unique packaging design. Additionally, it also acts as a decisive factor in making the final purchase decision.

Protects Your Products

The current packaging trends such as vintage style branding, minimal packaging, and others are great ways to get your products noticed. While the aesthetics of your brand's packaging design should be a focal point, delivering functionality also counts. It's equally important that customers receive a well-packaged product.

But we can't forget that the priority of every brand is to deliver products to the customer without any damage. No one remembers how great your last marketing campaign was or how cute your packaging looks if it fails to protect the product during shipping or a ride home from the store.

Good packaging strikes the right balance between form and function while showing off the product. Great packaging should fulfil the essential requirement of protecting the product without sacrificing anything aesthetically.

Enhancing Brand Visibility And Customer Interest

One of the most critical elements of a packaging design is to ensure it constantly reinforces your brand in the customers' minds. The more often your customers contact your brand elements like logo, company theme colour, etc., the more quickly they will recognise your brand.

On average, 5 to 7 impressions are enough for the customer to recognise and remember your brand. At the same time, it takes less than a second to form an image of a brand, and packaging helps the brand with just that - creating strong and lasting impressions.

Besides this, creative brand and packaging design give your product a super shelf presence allowing it to stand out from competitors. Hence, urging customers passing by to grab the product and add it to their trolley.

By giving great first impressions, you ensure that customers hear your brand message loud and clear.

Helps Your Brand Stand Out

Whether you like it or not, we live in the age of social media. Things like unboxing videos and product haul grasp customers' attention, allowing a brand to reach thousands of new customers in just a few minutes. 

According to Digital Creative Packaging, 74% of individuals aged 18 to 26 would share an image of product packaging through social media if they loved the packaging. This enhances brand exposure in the digital world.

Establishing Emotional Connection

Finally, don't ever neglect the power of colour psychology in your packaging design. Colours have the competencies to establish emotional responses among your customers.

For instance, red arouse a sense of energy and urgency which is why they are heavily used in food and supplements packaging. While greens and blues remind customers of nature, making them perfect for eco-friendly makeup products. Packaging design creates an emotional connection converting your customers into brand ambassadors.

Bottom Line

We are sure that this post would have made you reconsider better packaging design options to promote your brand and connect your customers. As the world moves towards innovative and creative packaging designs, it's significant that brands start investing in packaging to reap its benefits.

A great packaging design is more than just placing your products in a box or stand-up pouch; it's forging a connection between your brand and customers.

Take your packaging designs to the next level and let the world know about your brand.

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