6 Interesting Ecommerce Trends Affecting the Industry

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Failing to keep up with relevant trends can be a downside of a business that is trying to stay relevant, particularly when it is in a competitive niche.

6 Interesting Ecommerce Trends Affecting the Industry
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In the case of ecommerce, there are quite a few interesting trends that make a significant difference. In some cases, a trend is relatively new and is still in early development. In other cases, a trend has been around for a while, yet it is still underutilized.

If you are interested in learning more about ecommerce trends because you own a business yourself or plan to start one in the future, this article should come in handy.

Freedom to Customize

The freedom to customize goods is not applicable to most niches. However, if we are talking about stuff like custom merchandise, then it should be one of the key policies to implement.

Of course, there are certain limitations, but consumers should be able to have as many choices while choosing a product. For instance, if someone is interested in adding embroidered hat designs, custom t-shirt designs, or hoodie designs, make sure that such an option exists.

Restricting customization options leaves less room for shoppers to create what they want. And if they cannot find what they are looking for, it is natural to seek alternatives.

Voice Search

Voice search is not a surprise, considering how popular digital assistants like Alexa are. People have an easier time carrying out everyday tasks when they can take care of things using their voices.

Implementing voice shopping in an online store is expensive, but thanks to advancements in this technology, the feature should become more available in the future.

It is also worth noting that voice search is great for people with disabilities. If someone has to rely on their voice, they are bound to appreciate an opportunity to shop online using their voice.


Thanks to artificial intelligence, it feels like it is only a matter of time before chatbots will replace real people in customer support.

It is no secret that businesses are looking to save resources and run more efficiently. Chatbots offer a great alternative to customer support. They run 24/7 and usually do not require funds to maintain. Chatbots also respond immediately, which is an additional bonus.

Meanwhile, a more traditional customer support department would need to operate relying on real people, which means having to cover 24/7 availability. In the long run, chatbots are more valuable.

Artificial Intelligence for Data Processing

Chatbots are not the only trend that exists thanks to artificial intelligence. Right now, it is much easier to process vast amounts of data because AI can do the work for you.

Back in the day, you would need to fill in numbers manually and check everything yourself. Those days are in the past, and it makes sense to make the most out of processing data. Be it competition research, customer behavior, marketing effort, or other relevant numbers—you will have a much easier time keeping tabs on the information if you implement artificial intelligence and leave data processing to it.

Influencer Marketing

Despite the fact that there are plenty of different marketing methods, it appears that influencers are at the top of the ladder.

Modern consumers are more likely to trust personalities they follow on social media. If an influencer promotes goods or services, the odds are that investment from a brand will pay off so long as the influencer's audience is relevant to the goods or services.

That is not to say that other marketing methods are obsolete. It is just that influencers are too good of an investment to pass up, and it does not seem like this trend is going to disappear anytime soon.

Mobile Optimization

Mobile shopping is another big trend. In fact, Statista projects that mobile shoppers will overtake desktop shoppers in a few years. Right now, it is roughly the same number for both shopping methods.

When a business is developing its website, it needs to implement mobile-friendly themes so that people can shop on different mobile devices.

To make things even better, it might be worthwhile investing in a native iOS and Android application. Despite mobile-friendly themes, browsing a website on a smartphone or tablet can still be a bit annoying. A dedicated mobile app would solve quite a lot of the problems.

The trend of shopping on mobile devices is quite prominent, and it would be foolish to expect that it is going to change. Thus, do not hesitate to invest in making your online store as mobile-friendly as it can be.

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