How To Use Linked Both Professionally & Personally

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For most types of businesses and job seekers, LinkedIn is a professional platform. Although it is a social media platform, it is not like Facebook or Instagram. Let’s start with developing a piece of more detailed and accurate knowledge about LinkedIn. 

● It is a social media platform that allows professionals to network, sign up as freelancers, search for jobs and publish articles. 
● In case you have a business, LinkedIn for business will allow you to vet and hire employees along with vendors, generate leads, and also market your company. 
● Both the premium and free tiers of LinkedIn offer various types of features and functionalities. You can always customize your membership as per your preferences. 

You just need to optimize your profile as per the LinkedIn algorithm. You can get enough knowledge about the LinkedIn algorithm and marketing by downloading educational videos from free of cost.  

Main Features Of LinkedIn

Linkedin platforms have a wide range of features to use both for businesses and individuals. Among them, here in this article, we will talk about the most used and primary features. 

Getting Help

In case the network contacts of a user are unable to help with a business problem, the LinkedIn groups assist the user in connecting with experts, and that too through trusted introductions. 

Keeping In Touch

Often people change jobs and also get new opportunities here. With LinkedIn, users will be able to stay updated on where people in their professional network are currently working and how to contact them. 

Searching For Job

With LinkedIn job search features, users can access thousands of employment listings. They also can fill out applications directly on the site. After that, both the filled-up applications and the LinkedIn profiles of tech users are directly sent to the potential employers. 

Hiring New Employees

The LinkedIn platform also allows hiring managers to find candidates with in-demand career skills along with appropriate experience. 

Personal Features Of LinkedIn

In case you are new to Linkedin, it is easy to overlook some of the valuable features that are specially crafted for personal users. In the beginning, you are required to create a profile. Always consider your profile as your professional resume. 


Here, you can write blog posts, share articles, and comment on articles, along with joining several LinkedIn groups. You can sign up as a freelancer, or you can search for different types of Job opportunities. 


You might not know about LinkedIn Pulse, using which you can post status updates or thoughts on leadership articles in order to get a good reputation among your industry friends. All these news aggregation services collect high-quality articles from major media outlets along with some posts from LinkedIn users. 


You also can ask your co-workers, colleagues, and clients for skill endorsements on LinkedIn. All these endorsements that we are asking you to do work as recommendations for potential employers. This way, you will be in control of what you are sharing.  

LinkedIn For Business

With LinkedIn for Business, you will be able to create a complete business profile for your organization. And using that same profile, you will be able to create job postings along with searching through different profiles in order to learn more about different vendors and potential clients. 


To be honest, LinkedIn is an enormous platform which allows you to market your business. For all B2B businesses, LinkedIn is a great way to promote their businesses. 


Always remember that LinkedIn is specifically designed for professionals, and it is an excellent lead-generating platform. That is why Microsoft, which is known for long catered to enterprise users, acquired Linked in the year 2016. 


Here, you can always target potential clients by company, industry, job title, and a lot more things in order to reach people who actually matter the most for your business. 

Different Plans For LinkedIn

Here are the different types of LinkedIn subscriptions or plans you can try as per your needs. 

● Premium career.
● Premium business.
● Sales navigator. 
● Recruiter Lite. 

Go Pro With LinkedIn

With different types of plans and features, you can promote yourself and also your business with LinkedIn. You just need to utilize all the features it offers. Always remember that engagement is a must here. You do not need to post on a regular basis, unlike most social media platforms; you just need to be consistent here. 


Keep one thing in mind: LinkedIn works differently compared to Facebook and Instagram.

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