Topics To Start An Interesting Sports Podcast About

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A podcast is a completely new concept and has raised good interest from people. 


According to a study, it is found that around 197 million people in the USA are aware of podcasts. It is further projected that the value of the podcast market is aggregated to be something close to USD 153,071. 


Now, if you narrow this to sports, it makes things interesting. You will get a very good opportunity to shine with sports podcasts. 

Are you planning to produce your own sports podcast? 


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There are many interesting topics on which you can tell engaging stories to arrest the audience and attract attention. This article discusses some of the innovative podcast topics to start your own podcast. Let's get started. 

Topics To Start An Interesting Sports Podcast

There are some inerting stores on which you can create podcasts. Let's discuss some of the most interesting topics here.

1. Expert Opinion

Sports are all about technicalities. Whatever you consider, be it skills, technical prowess, strategy, and meeting, all require expertise. 


Coaches and technical directors do all this planning with their respective teams. Expert opinions are engaging. 


If you conduct an interview with people with technical gurus, you can get to know different perspectives of the game. This will be a great subject for sure.

2. Sport Psychology

Sports psychology is an extremely interesting subject for sports enthusiasts. We all try to overcome others through our strategies. 


Therefore, sports and psychology are inalienable. Sports is all about psychology; you know, mind games. 


Different teams keep high-performance committees. Sports psychologists are an important part of the team. Their views will be highly enlightening and entertaining, to say the least. 


Therefore if you discuss the psychology behind events, you weave an interesting story on a podcast. 

3. New Technology In Sports

Sports companies are bringing innovation to upgrade sporting equipment for the high performance of athletes. In addition, relentless studies are done to upgrade the game itself.


For instance, the goal line technology in Soccer and the DRS technology in Cricket have revolutionized the sport. 


Examples could also be given in the form of cooling technology to be used in the Qatar world cup. Discussion on them will weave great stories.  

4. Sports medicine

Injuries are an inalienable part of sports. The journey of recovery and rehabilitation is tough indeed. 


Discussing sports medicines, therapy, and rehabilitation programs will be entertaining subjects. Moreover, they will help the future start. So with this kind of podcast, you can surely attract young people.


Stories on the recovery of celebrities are highly engaging. Lots of pain and passion go into it. We often read them in different sports magazines. 


If you create podcasts with the help of these stories, they will undoubtedly get a good audience. 

5. Sport-Based Product Review 

The markets are flooded with high-quality sporting equipment. Every now and then, companies come up with high-quality sporting equipment to capture the mammoth 83.1 billion market in the USA. 


If you could bring some experts to make a comparative study of one product manufactured by two companies, it will definitely attract the audience. 


These podcasts will not only be interesting, but they can also help the audience select the best product for them. It means interesting conversation coupled with expert advice will combine to create engaging podcast production. What else do you need? 

6. The Sports Within Sports

Sports within a sport make for some great stories. Suppose you bring in some coaching staff who were a part of some great duel; they can relate to your great stories.  


They knew exactly what really happened. So it can be planning, the psychological battle before the battles, the exchange of verbal duels, and all events surrounding some big match. 


They really extract the old nostalgia. These kinds of stories can be compiled to create an entertaining podcast that people across generations can love to hear. It will be like a great retrospective journey.  

You Reach Your Goal!

Not only the ones discussed above, but you can also create podcasts on other topics like yoga, exercise, comprehensive wellness, and sports nutrition. 


Remember that the sports market in the USA is huge, and you can make your podcast a success if you have a great story for the audience.


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