Gambling Industries that are Forecast to Grow

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 Industries can be quickly impacted by the creation of new technologies, their accessibility online and economic crises. They can be impacted in negative or positive ways depending on how they react to unexpected events and developments. 

Which industries are forecast to grow in 2023
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For example, the casino gaming sector managed to quickly react and adapt to new trends. The creation of online casinos like 888 casino helped the sector survive in an era of change and uncertainty. 

Industries are also impacted by legislation, new consumer habits and changes in workstyles or lifestyles. But how about this year? 

Are some industries expected to grow and expand over the next months? Will new 2023 events, both unforeseen and predicted, impact the performance of some industries?

The industries that are expected to grow this year 

There are several industries that have been on the rise over the last few years and are expected to continue growing and expanding in 2023. 


Many countries now have high rates of population decline. For example, Bulgaria, Lithuania, and Latvia are faced with an alarming population decline. 

They are the three countries with the fastest population decline. Bulgaria is expected to see a decline of 22.5% in its population between now and 2050. 

Healthcare and health services for the elderly will become more and more urgent as the number of elderly people increases over the next decades. 

Healthcare services for newborns and younger populations are already less in demand than services for senior individuals.

Investors will likely look to finance medical research and new drugs to help cure illnesses and pains that tend to affect older individuals such as cancer, Parkinson, dementia… 

Because of this decline in population growth, this sector and services aimed at older individuals will likely expand this year. 

Renewable energy

It is probably not surprising to any of us that renewable energy and technologies aimed to combat climate change are on the rise. Many believe that renewable energy sources like solar power are the future. 

According to a report, renewable energy sources will power a third of the world. No wonder then that the energy sector, particularly the renewable energy sector, is on the rise. 

Investors are keen to invest in such technologies and forms of energy to create a more sustainable future. Such investments contribute to a more modern and smart energy management and production. 


The tech industry is one of the most profitable industries in the world. It will continue to grow this year. 

Like renewable energy, many investors are looking to invest in sustainable technology that takes into account current ecological concerns and limitations. As Forbes pointed out in a recent article, electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular.

They are quickly gaining market share and attracting new customers. Their success and expansion are likely to continue over the next months. 

However, their success will be limited in countries currently affected by the energy crisis. Individuals who are not affected by the rising prices of energy consumption will probably continue to purchase electric cars. 

In terms of other popular tech items, there are AR and VR headsets and technology. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are very popular technologies at the moment. 

They are mostly used in the gaming world and by audiovisual companies. They can also help train professionals by giving them the opportunity to immerse themselves in an environment. 

They are also used to help individuals get over their phobias. By exposing them to what they dread the most via a VR headset, doctors can help their patients overcome their debilitating fears. 

This is known as Virtual Reality Therapy. 

In the gaming industry, VR and AR are being heavily explored and invested in to provide more realistic and immersive experiences to gamers. This type of technology will therefore continue to grow this year. 

Gaming industry

The gaming sector is also one of the world’s most profitable and successful industries. It is expected to grow this year as more and more individuals join the world’s gaming industry. 

The iGaming industry includes many different sub-sectors including: mobile gaming, video gaming, casino gaming, and more. Individuals have many different ways to game and an immense global selection of games to pick from. 

The rise of online apps, online gaming platforms and excellent gaming consoles are contributing to the industry’s growth. 

On top of that, successful series and films based on video games are attracting non-gamers to this industry. Other content such as TikTok videos, YouTube or Twitch videos based on video games are also boosting the industry’s growth. 

For example, the success of the series “The Last of Us”, released at the beginning of this year, is already increasing the sales of the original action-adventure game released in 2013. 

Final thoughts 

In this article, we discussed some of the industries that are predicted to grow over the year. These are just a few examples, there are many more sectors and industries on the rise. 

However, the ones mentioned in this article are some of the most popular and successful industries expected to grow in 2023. 

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