Akoya Oxygen, Dubai: Further Development

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Akoya Oxygen, now commonly referred to as one of the most sustainable communities in Dubai, is the latest pride of the Damac Properties Company. Alternatively called the Damac Hills 2, this new set of properties contains an environmentally friendly plan and apartments modeled to soak in the natural atmosphere.

You can find open porches and an attached lawn to most of the premises, including a vivid waste control management system that minimizes environmental hazards often associated with unlawful waste disposal.

The Kind of Properties 

Applauded for its greenery and deliberate attempt at climate preservation, there are a handful of property types in Akoya Oxygen. 

Villas – The ultra-modern villa of the Akoya Oxygen leaves a calming touch to the mind and a pleasant sight for the eyes. They are modeled after contemporary aesthetic designs and often with a story or one additional store. The Akoya Oxygen Villas are particularly famous and are in high demand among millionaire purchasers.

Penthouses – favored for their eye-catching view of the Damac Hills and surrounding Dubai communities, are famous for being small and large enough at the same time. Couples or singles who like spacious interiors without wanting a big house stake their money on Penthouses. 

Bedroom Apartments – bedroom apartments are highly patronized by the middle class and some of the upper class who fancy a modest life. The Akoya Oxygen has bedroom apartments from one to four rooms. This category often has differing numbers of bathrooms depending on the original designs and is often attached to a central pool area.

What Type of Property to go for? 

Your budget, personal preferences, and the purpose of the purchase will factor into the best property for you. This blog will now discuss the budget part.

How Much Can I Buy Property in Akoya Oxygen?

In order to Buy properties in Akoya Oxygen, UAE, your budget should look like the following estimates or at least have plans for a mortgage within that range. To view available properties in Akoya Oxygen, read more on the official website https://www.axcapital.ae/.

What's in it for non-sporty people

Akoya Oxygen is often marketed as the hub for nature lovers and sports people, considering its proximity to various golf clubs and sports communities, but could there be more? Besides its sporty and green lawns and natural environment, the community is close enough to the city's major areas for mobility and far away from the industrial noise of construction sites and Dubai's up-and-down activities. It is a serene environment where the elite can relax and enjoy a quiet life. 

All properties come ensuite with its Jacuzzi, beautiful setup, and fine details regarding the paintings and furniture. Most of the buildings in the area are completed and available for rent, long leases, and even purchase. A Non-National of the UAE may have to focus solely on the freehold options; thankfully, there are many great properties of such

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