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Paraphrasing is a very important skill in academic writing. When writing essays, assignments, and even dissertations, you have to paraphrase information, ideas, thoughts, and key points in your own words. You need to paraphrase the content in order to avoid plagiarism and also to make the already written content simpler and more understandable for readers. Manually paraphrase sentences can be difficult as it is a very time taking process.

You have to first read the original write-up multiple times, understand the context and then draft your own version without compromising the original intent or message. Students who don’t have much experience in manual paraphrasing would often end up having plagiarism in their work.To avoid traces of intentional or accidental plagiarism in essays and assignments, it is best that you take help from the best AI paraphrasing tool. We have tried dozens of online paraphrasing tools, and here, we have mentioned the most helpful one for students. – Best Paraphrasing Tool for Academic Writers!

This paraphrasing tool is one of the best resources for students.  If you are in search of a reliable and free tool that can help you paraphrase academic drafts of the highest quality, you must definitely check out this one.

If you have never used an online paraphrase tool before, don’t worry; first, most know that this tool is very easy to use. With this paraphraser, you can really generate fresh text in seconds. We've outlined the steps for using this tool.

Type or Import Text in the Input Box

When you open the tool on your browser, you will see two big boxes on your screen. On the box on your left side, you have to upload the text that you want to paraphrase. Students can type down text manually or can also upload files containing text. Note that you can only upload 250 words in one go on this tool in the free version. To paraphrase more, you would need to buy the paid plan.

Select Your Desired Paraphrasing Mode

The paraphrase tool offers six different modes. It is important that you choose the best one for paraphrasing academic content. Each mode offered by this tool generates content in a different style and tone. For instance, if you are using the anti-plagiarism mode, the focus of the tool would be to remove duplication, or if you are using the fluency mode, the tool will make the input text clear and concise. If you are low on budget, we would suggest you stick with the three free modes. But if you are willing to pay, go for the academic mode, as it is specifically programmed for students and researchers.

Click on the “Paraphrase” Button 

After selecting your desired paraphrase mode, you have to complete the security captcha and click on the “Paraphrase” button. The tool would first analyze the text, understand its context, and would then generate a new version on the basis of the mode you have selected.

Export/Copy Paraphrased Content 

This paraphrasing tool would generate new text within seconds and present it in the output box. You can copy it on your clipboard, or you can also export it in your desired format. You can get paraphrased text in Word, PDF, and even in TXT format. This is how easy it is to paraphrase and get a unique text with this AI paraphrasing tool, and that too for free. 

What Makes This Paraphrasing Tool Best for Students?

Here are some of the features which make this AI paraphrasing tool best for academic writing. 

Powered with NLP and Machine Learning Algorithms

The thing that we liked most about online paraphrasing tool is that it uses natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to generate new content. The technology helps the tool understand the original content and then paraphrase it in the most natural way. You would always get human-like content with this tool which is what makes it better than many contenders in this league.

Free Version Available for Students 

Students usually look for free tools that can assist them with their work. Well, this online paraphrasing tool offers three different modes. By using these modes, students can easily paraphrase their academic text without paying a single penny.

Academic Mode Specifically Designed for Students

This tool offers an “Academic” mode. This mode is specifically designed and programmed for students and people who are working on research papers/dissertations. In this mode, the tool would paraphrase all text given in the input box but would not change the in-text citations or references. 

Offers Free Grammar Checker and Summarizer

Another pro feature of this online paraphrasing tool is that it comes with a free grammar checker tool and text summarizer.  By using these tools, students can check their academic drafts for all kinds of quality issues like grammatical mistakes, wrongful spelling, missing punctuation, and much more.  The text summarizer can help students create short summaries and abstracts for free. 

Saves Time & Efforts Consumed in Manual Paraphrasing 

With the online paraphrasing tool, students can save a lot of time and effort which are consumed in manual analysis and writing.  The paraphraser can literally generate new content within two to three seconds.  The fast speed and accurate results make this tool a reliable choice for students.

Conclusion is one of the most popular AI paraphrasing tools available today. This tool has all that you need to flawlessly recompose text.  You can use this online paraphrasing tool for free on any device you want, and this is because of its universally compatible nature.  This tool can create human-like content within seconds, and this is what makes it an ideal tool for students.

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