How to Fix Chrome Crashing on Windows 11

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Google Chrome is a famous internet browser known for its speed, flexibility, and easy to understand interface. Be that as it may, similar to any product, it can experience intermittent errors, prompting crashes, especially on the Windows 11 working framework. Managing continuous program accidents can be baffling, yet dread not! In this blog entry, we will investigate five powerful tips that can assist you with fixing Chrome crashing issues on Windows 11 and guarantee a consistent perusing experience. Have you encountered any hanging or crashing apps errors while using Windows 11?

Update Chrome and Windows 11:

Routinely refreshing your internet browser and working framework is essential for ideal execution. Obsolete programming can prompt similarity issues, bringing about crashes. To begin investigating, guarantee that you have the most recent variant of Chrome introduced. You can do this by tapping the three-dab menu at the upper right corner of the program, choosing "Help," and afterward clicking "About Google Chrome." Refreshing your Windows 11 working framework to the furthest down the line rendition can likewise address potential similarity issues.

Handicap Expansions and Clear Store:

Expansions add usefulness to Chrome, yet a few inadequately evolved or obsolete expansions can cause soundness issues. To distinguish in the event that an expansion is the guilty party behind the accidents, follow these means:

  • Type "chrome://augmentations" in the location bar and press Enter.
  • Impair all augmentations by flipping the switch close to every one.
  • Restart Chrome and check assuming that the crashing issue continues to happen. In the event that not, empower the expansions individually, restarting Chrome after each empower, until you distinguish the hazardous augmentation.

Clearing the reserve can likewise determine crashing issues brought about by ruined information. To clear the reserve, follow these means:

  1. Click the three-spot menu and go to "Settings." Are you experiencing any game crashing on pc issues with your Windows 11?
  2. Select "Protection and security" from the left-hand sidebar.
  3. Click "Clear perusing information" and pick the ideal time range.
  4. Check the "Stored pictures and documents" choice and snap "Clear information."

Cripple Equipment Speed increase:

Equipment Speed increase is a component that uses your PC's GPU to help program execution. Be that as it may, now and again, it can struggle with specific illustrations drivers or equipment designs, prompting crashes. To incapacitate Equipment Speed increase:

  • Click the three-dab menu, select "Settings," and snap on "Cutting edge" from the sidebar.
  • Under the "Framework" area, switch off the "Utilization equipment speed increase when accessible" choice.
  • Restart Chrome and check assuming the accidents persevere.

Reset Chrome Settings:

Resetting Chrome to its default settings can fix different issues, including crashing issues. Are you experiencing any exe file not opening problems or issues with on your Windows 11 device? This is the way you can reset Chrome settings:

  1. Open Chrome's Settings menu.
  2. Look down and snap on "Cutting edge" to extend the choices.
  3. Look to the base and snap on "Reestablish settings to their unique defaults."
  4. dAffirm your activity by clicking "Reset settings."

Make Another Client Profile:

On the off chance that the above advances neglect to determine the crashing issue, making another client profile can frequently give a new beginning and dispose of any client explicit settings causing clashes. To make another client profile in Chrome:

  1. Open Chrome's Settings menu and snap on "Oversee others."
  2. Click on "Add individual" and set up another profile.
  3. Restart Chrome and sign in with the recently made profile.
  4. Check assuming the accidents are settled in the new profile.


Encountering Chrome crashes on Windows 11 can be a baffling encounter. Have you encountered any low client FPS valorant errors while using Windows 11? Be that as it may, by following the five hints referenced above — refreshing Chrome and Windows 11, handicapping expansions and clearing the reserve, impairing equipment speed increase, resetting Chrome settings, and making another client profile — you can essentially further develop your perusing experience and resolve the crashing issues. Keep in mind, investigating program accidents can be a course of experimentation, so be patient and test each move toward distinguish the main driver of the issue.

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