How to Fix Frozen Laptop Screen Windows 11

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Managing a frozen PC screen can be disappointing, particularly when you're in a significant undertaking. Whether you're utilizing Windows 11 or some other working framework, it is entirely expected to experience a frozen screen. In this blog entry, we will examine four compelling techniques to fix a frozen PC screen on Windows 11. By following these bit by bit arrangements, you'll have the option to recapture control of your PC and return to flawlessly work. Have you encountered any hang laptop errors while using Windows 11?

Power Restart Your PC

At the point when your PC screen becomes lethargic, a straightforward power restart can frequently get the job done. To compel restart your PC running Windows 11, follow these means:

  1. Press and hold the power button until your PC closes down totally.
  2. Hang tight for a couple of moments and afterward press the power button again to turn on your PC.

Separate Outside Gadgets

At times, a frozen screen might be brought about by clashes with outer gadgets associated with your PC. By separating these gadgets, you can wipe out likely contentions. This is the way to make it happen:

  • Turn off all outer gadgets associated with your PC, including USB drives, printers, and outside screens.
  • Restart your PC and check assuming that the screen is as yet frozen. In the event that not, one of the separated gadgets might have been causing the issue. Are you facing laptop speakers crackling issues on your Windows 11 system?
  • Reconnect every gadget individually, restarting your PC subsequent to associating every gadget. This will assist with distinguishing the risky gadget causing the frozen screen.

Update Designs Drivers

Obsolete or contrary designs drivers can frequently prompt a frozen PC screen. Refreshing these drivers can determine the issue. Follow these moves toward update your designs drivers in Windows 11:

  1. Right-click on the Beginning button and select "Gadget Administrator" from the menu.
  2. In the Gadget Chief window, grow the "Show connectors" classification.
  3. Right-click on the designs driver recorded under "Show connectors" and select "Update driver."
  4. Pick the choice to naturally look for refreshed drivers. Windows will look and introduce any suitable updates for your illustrations driver.
  5. Restart your PC after the driver update is finished and check assuming the frozen screen issue continues to happen. Have you encountered any HDMI not working on laptop conflicts with Windows 11?

Play out a Framework Reestablish

In the event that the above techniques didn't determine the issue, playing out a framework reestablish can be a compelling arrangement. Framework reestablish permits you to return your PC's settings to a past working state. Follow these moves toward play out a framework reestablish in Windows 11:

  1. Press the Windows key + R on your console to open the Run exchange box.
  2. Type "rstrui.exe" in the Run box and hit Enter to open the Framework Reestablish wizard.
  3. Adhere to the on-screen directions and pick a reestablish point from a date when your PC was working appropriately.
  4. Snap "Next" and afterward "Finish" to begin the framework reestablish process.
  5. When the reclamation is finished, your PC will restart. Check in the event that the frozen screen issue has been settled.


Experiencing a frozen PC screen on Windows 11 can be baffling, yet with these four strategies, you ought to have the option to really handle the issue. Keep in mind, force restarting your PC, detaching outer gadgets, refreshing illustrations drivers, and playing out a framework reestablish are reasonable answers for fix a frozen screen.Are you experiencing any slow laptop problems or issues with on your Windows 11 device?  By adhering to the bit by bit directions framed in this blog entry, you can recapture control of your PC and guarantee a smoother figuring experience.

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