How to Fix Graphics Driver Windows 11

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Illustrations drivers play a critical role in ensuring smooth visuals and optimal performance on your Windows 11 framework. In any event, illustrations drivers, like any other product, might occasionally encounter misfires, display errors, or even framework crashes. In this blog post, we will look at four feasible methods for resolving illustrations driver issues in Windows 11. By using these methods, you may be able to identify common driver-related difficulties and have a consistent processing experience. Have you noticed any abnormal driver power state failure crashes on your Windows 11 system?

Update Designs Drivers

Staying up with the latest is fundamental for similarity and execution enhancements. Follow these moves toward update your designs drivers on Windows 11:

  1. Send off the Beginning menu and go in search of "Gadget Chief."
  2. Expand the "Show connectors" classification in Gadget Administrator.
  3. Right-click your illustration card and choose "Update driver."
  4. Select the option to organically search for refreshed drivers.
  5. Windows will check for the most recent driver version and install it if it is available

Roll Back Designs Drivers

If you recently updated your design drivers and are experiencing troubles, it's possible that the new driver is causing the problem. To return to the previous rendition:

  1. Launch Gadget Supervisor, as mentioned in Strategy 1.
  2. Right-click your illustration card and choose "Properties."
  3. Navigate to the "Driver" tab in the Properties box. Are you having trouble in driver error issues on your Windows 11 system?
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions after clicking the "Roll Back Driver" button.
  5. Windows will revert to the previous driver form, which may help to resolve the issue.

Uninstall and Reinstall Designs Drivers

A clean installation of design drivers can sometimes resolve persistent difficulties. Here's how to make it happen:

  1. Navigate to the "Show connectors" class in Gadget Chief.
  2. Right-click on the designs card and choose "Uninstall gadget."
  3. If available, check for the package that says "Erase the driver programming for this device."
  4. Click "Uninstall" and then restart your computer.
  5. Following the restart, Windows will reinstall the designs driver.

Use the Maker's Driver Update Utility

In some circumstances, the manufacturer of your graphics card may provide a dedicated driver update software. This tool can help you streamline your driver update process and ensure you have the correct driver variant for your equipment. Use the following methods:

  1. For your designs card, go to the producer's website.
  2. Find the appropriate driver update utility by searching for the assistance or driver sector.
  3. Follow the instructions to download and install the utility. Are you experiencing any generic audio driver issues with your Windows 11?
  4. Send the utility off to scan your framework for outdated or risky drivers.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to update your illustrations driver to the most recent version.


Driver troubles might be frustrating, but with these four approaches, you can deal with them effectively on Windows 11. Keep up with the newest updates, consider rolling back drivers if necessary, and try uninstalling and reinstalling them if troubles persist. Furthermore, use the manufacturer's driver update software for a seamless and dependable driver updating process. Following these steps will get you far on your way to resolving design driver issues and having a smooth figuring experience on Windows 11.

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