How To Fix Headphone Jack On Laptop Windows 11

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Having problems with the headphone jack on your Windows 11 computer can be extremely frustrating, especially if you rely on that computer for work, entertainment, or communication. Your computer's headphone jack may be giving you trouble, but fortunately, there are a few troubleshooting methods you may try. In this article, we will discuss four effective solutions that may be able to assist you in repairing the earphone jack that is present on your Windows 11 personal computer.

Give Equipment Associations Your Complete Attention

  • The first step is to remove and then reattach the headphone.

The first thing you need to do is unplug your headphones from the sound jack on your computer. Hold tight for a few moments, and then rejoin them firmly to ensure a secure connection following. Free association has the potential to occasionally result in sound problems.

  • Inspect the headphone Link 

Look closely at the earphone link for any obvious signs of damage, such as frayed wires or twisted connectors. In the event that you discover any problems, you might want to think about replacing the earbuds or repairing the link.

  • Tests with a Variety of headphone are Conducted 

Try using a different pair of earbuds with your personal computer in order to reduce the likelihood of one of the earphones becoming damaged. Assuming that the newly purchased headphones function appropriately, the problem may be associated with the headphones that you are already using.

Update Sound Drivers

  • Open Gadget Chief
To launch Gadget Chief by right-clicking on the Beginning button and selecting "Gadget Chief" from the context menu that appears.
  • Expansion of the "Sound, Video, and Game Regulators" area is the second stage.
Locate and expand the section to discover the sound devices that have been installed on your personal computer.
  • Bring Your Sound Driver Up to Date
The sound driver can be updated by right-clicking on it and selecting "Update driver." Choose the option that allows you to search organically for updated driver programming. After that, Windows will search for and install the most recent driver available for your sound device. Have you noticed any abnormal headphone not plugged crashes on your Windows 11 system?

Modify Your Sound Settings 

  • Open the sound settings
To do this, right-click the volume icon in the taskbar, and then select "Open Sound settings" from the resulting menu.
  • Choose the Result Gadget.
In the "Result" section, check to see that the appropriate result gadget has been selected. Choose the audio accessory that most closely resembles your headphone jack.
  • Investigate Any Problems With the Sound
The "Investigate" button may be found in the "Sound" portion of the menu bar. Are you having trouble in laptop sound problem on your Windows 11 system? Follow the instructions that are displayed on the screen to identify and resolve any sound-related issues.

Play out a Framework Reestablishment 

  • Open Framework Reestablish
In the Windows search box, type "Framework Reestablish" and then select the "Make a reestablish point" option from the list of results.
  • Start System Restore 
By selecting a restore point from a time when the headphone jack was working properly, click the "System Restore" button and follow the on-screen instructions. Accept the system restore process's completion and confirm your selection.


While having issues with your Windows 11 laptop's headphone jack can be frustrating, these four solutions can assist you in resolving the issue. You may be able to restore audio functionality on your laptop and fix the headphone jack by checking hardware connections, updating audio drivers, adjusting sound settings, or performing a system restore. If one method of troubleshooting doesn't work for you, keep in mind to try others. You will be able to resume uninterrupted enjoyment of your preferred audio content with a little patience and experimentation.

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