How To Fix JIT Debugging Error Windows 11

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Windows 11 is the most recent working framework from Microsoft, offering a scope of new highlights and enhancements. Be that as it may, similar to any product, it can experience infrequent mistakes and issues. One such blunder that Windows 11 clients might experience is the "JIT Troubleshooting Mistake." This blunder message can be baffling, however dread not, as we have gathered four viable strategies to assist you with settling this issue and get your framework in the groove again. Are you experiencing any error 403 roblox problems or issues with on your Windows 11 device? In this way, we should jump into the arrangements and dispose of the JIT Troubleshooting Blunder on Windows 11.

Debilitating Content Investigating

  • Open the Control Board

To start, click on the Beginning menu and quest for "Control Board." Open the Control Board application from the indexed lists.

  • Access Web Choices

Inside the Control Board, find and snap on "Web Choices." This will open another window with different web settings.

  • Impair Content Investigating

In the Web Choices window, explore to the "High level" tab. Look down the settings list until you see as the "Perusing" segment. Under this part, uncheck the cases named "Handicap script investigating (Web Traveler)" and "Impair script troubleshooting (Other)." Snap on "Apply" and afterward "Alright" to save the changes. Have you noticed any abnormal error code 403 crashes on your Windows 11 system?

Refreshing Visual Studio JIT Debugger

  • Open Vault Proofreader

Press the Windows key + R to open the Run discourse box. Type "regedit" and press Enter to send off the Vault Proofreader.

  • Explore to the Debugger Key

In the Library Manager, explore to the accompanying way:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\AeDebug

  • Alter the Debugger Worth

Find the "Debugger" esteem on the right-hand side of the window. Double tap on it to alter its worth information. Change the worth to "vsjitdebugger.exe" (without statements) and snap on "Alright" to save the changes.

Delete Temporary Files

  • Open the Run Dialogue Box first

Press Windows key + R, then enter "%temp%" (without the quotations). This will open the folder containing temporary files.

  • Choose All Files

To select all files in the temporary files folder, press Ctrl + A.

  • Delete the Files You've Chosen
Once all of the files have been selected, press the Delete key on your keyboard to permanently delete them. Are you having trouble in error 0xc00007b issues on your Windows 11 system?

Conduct a System File Check

  • Launch Command Prompt as Administrator. 
From the Start menu, right-click and pick "Command Prompt (Admin)" from the context menu. This will launch the Command Prompt as an administrator.
  • Execute System File Check.
Enter the following command into the Command Prompt window:
scannow /sfc
  • Watch for the Process to Finish
The system file check will now examine your system files and validate their integrity. It could take some time to finish. When finished, it will display the scan results.


Experiencing a JIT Debugging Error on Windows 11 can be unpleasant, but with these four solutions, you can easily remedy the issue. Are you experiencing any error code 277 issues with your Windows 11?  Remember to turn off script debugging, change the Visual Studio JIT Debugger settings, delete temporary files, and run a system file check. You may resolve the JIT Debugging Error and enjoy a more fluid Windows 11 experience by following these step-by-step solutions.

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