How To Fix Keyboard Layout Windows 11

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Windows 11 has presented a few energizing updates and elements that upgrade client experience and efficiency. In any case, one normal issue that clients might experience is a misconfigured or flawed console format. This can prompt disappointing composing encounters, with keys delivering mistaken characters or images. Luckily, there are successful arrangements accessible to correct this issue. In this blog entry, we will investigate four strategies bit by bit to assist you with fixing the console design in Windows 11 and reestablish smooth composing usefulness. Are you experiencing any keyboard and mouse issues with your Windows 11?

Changing Console Design Settings

  • Open the Settings Application

Start by tapping on the Beginning menu and choosing the "Settings" application, addressed by a stuff symbol.

  • Access Language and Console Settings

In the Settings window, find and snap on the "Time and Language" class. Then, select the "Language and Console" choice from the left-hand menu

  • Change Console Settings

Under the "Favored dialects" area, click on the at present chosen language and select "Choices". Search for the "Consoles" segment and pick "Add a console." Select the ideal console design from the rundown and eliminate any pointless designs. Guarantee the right console format is set as the default choice.

Refreshing Console Drivers

  • Open Gadget Supervisor

Press the Windows key + X on your console and select "Gadget Supervisor" from the setting menu that shows up.

  • Find the Console Segment

Grow the "Consoles" area by tapping on the bolt close to it. Track down your console gadget from the rundown. Have you encountered any keyboard not working errors while using Windows 11?

  • Update Console Drivers

Right-click on your console gadget and select "Update driver." Pick the "Search naturally for refreshed driver programming" choice. Windows will look for the most recent drivers and introduce them if accessible.

Reinstalling the Console Driver

  • Open Gadget Supervisor

Rehash Stage 1 from Strategy 2 to open Gadget Director.

  • Remove the keyboard driver 

Right-click your keyboard device and choose "Uninstall device." Clicking "Uninstall" in the appearing box confirms the activity.

  • Reinstall and reboot

When you restart your computer, Windows will reinstall the keyboard driver for you. Verify that the keyboard layout problem has been fixed.

Using the On-Screen Keyboard

  • Open the On-Screen Keyboard 

In the first step by typing "On-Screen Keyboard" into the Windows search bar and choosing the appropriate result.

  • Adjust the keyboard layout 

Click the "Options" key in the On-Screen Keyboard panel. You can select the desired keyboard layout from the drop-down box.

  • Test and troubleshoot
Test the chosen layout's functionality using the on-screen keyboard. If not, keep switching layouts until you find one that works with your actual keyboard.


In conclusion, Windows 11's keyboard layout issues might seriously impair your typing efficiency. However, you can resolve the keyboard layout issue and return smooth and accurate typing capabilities by using the four ways described above. It's important to remember to change the settings, update or reinstall the keyboard drivers, and use the on-screen keyboard if necessary. You can experience fluid and trouble-free typing on your Windows 11 system by following these tips.

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