How To Fix Keyboard Not Working Issue In Windows 11

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A functional console is essential for any PC client, therefore witnessing a console not working issue might be disappointing. If you're having this problem on your Windows 11 PC, don't worry! In this article, we will walk you through four proven methods for resolving the console not working issue, ensuring that you can get back to writing like clockwork. Have you noticed any abnormal keyboard problem crashes on your Windows 11 system?

Examine Actual Organisations

  1. Begin by turning off your PC and removing the console from the USB port.
  2. Examine the USB connection for signs of damage or fraying. If no problems are found, consider replacing the link.
  3. Reconnect the console to a different USB port on your PC and ensure it is securely attached.
  4. Turn on your computer and verify that the console is operational. If not, proceed with the following technique.

Update or reinstall console drivers

  •  On your console, press the Windows key + X and choose "Gadget Supervisor" from the menu that appears.
  •  In the Gadget Supervisor window, expand the "Consoles" class.
  • Right-click on your console device and select "Update driver" from the settings menu. If an update is available, Windows will download and install it automatically. Restart your computer and test the console's functionality. If the problem persists, proceed to the next stage.
  •  Right-click the console gadget once more and select "Uninstall gadget." Confirm the uninstallation and restart your computer. Are you having trouble in icon not showing issues on your Windows 11 system?
  • After restarting, Windows will restore the console drivers. Assume that the console is currently functioning correctly.

Make Channel Keys Incapable

  1.  Press the Windows key + I to launch the Settings app.
  2. Select "Availability" from the left-hand menu.
  3. In the Availability settings, pick "Console" from the list on the left.
  4. Disable the "Channel Keys" option if it is enabled.
  5. Test your console to see if the problem has been resolved. If not, proceed to the final technique.

Reestablish a Framework

  • Press the Windows key + R to start the Run dialogue box.
  • Type "rstrui.exe" and press Enter to launch the Framework Reestablish wizard.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to select a restore point prior to the console issue occurring.
  • Reaffirm your resolve and have faith that the framework will be restored.
  • Once the reclamation is complete, your computer will restart. Assume the console is currently functioning correctly. Are you experiencing any error printing message issues with your Windows 11?"


Experiencing a console not working issue might be perplexing, but with these four ways, you can explore and resolve the problem with Windows 11. By examining actual associations, renewing or reinstalling console drivers, incapacitating channel keys, or doing a framework reestablish, you increase the chances of returning your console to its optimal usefulness. Check the means twice and try every technique until the problem is resolved. Again, enjoy trouble-free writing on your Windows 11 PC!

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