How To Fix Lag In Laptop Windows 11

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Windows 11 has been released with a streamlined design and energising features, but even the most powerful workstations can experience slowdowns and halts from time to time. If you are tired of administering a sluggish computer, you have arrived at the right place. In this blog post, we will discuss four viable solutions for resolving sluggishness on a Windows 11-based computer. Are you experiencing any game lag on pc issues with your Windows 11? By adhering to these step-by-step instructions, you will be able to improve your PC's performance and enjoy a streamlined registration process.

Update Your Drivers

Drivers that are obsolete or incompatible are one of the most frequently cited causes of sluggishness on Windows 11 workstations. Follow these procedures to ascertain the answer:

  1. Launch the Beginning menu and look for "Gadget Supervisor."
  2. To launch the "Gadget Administrator" application, select its entry from the indexed list.
  3. Extend the categories in the Gadget Chief window to locate the drivers for your PC's hardware components, such as the graphics card, network connector, and chipset.
  4. Right-click on each driver and choose "Update driver."
  5. Choose the option to search for naturally updated driver software. Windows will search for the most recent drivers online and install them if available.
  6. Repeat this process for each driver that is relevant.

After updating the drivers, you must reset your computer to ensure that the modifications take effect.

Immobilise New Ventures

Windows 11 may experience slack if excessive startup applications consume framework resources. Follow these strategies for handicapping startup programmes that are unnecessary:

  • The Assignment Supervisor can be accessed by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc.
  • Select the "Startup" tab within the Errand Administrator interface.
  • Examine the list of programmes that commence when your computer boots up.
  • Right-click on the programmes you don't need at startup and choose "Handicap." Have you encountered any lag in valorant errors while using Windows 11?
  • During startup, disable only the initiatives you are aware of and certain you will not miss.
  • Stop using the Errand Chief.
  • Restarting your computer will result in a faster launch time and enhanced general performance.

Modify Power Settings

Windows 11 provides power designs that prioritise either performance or energy efficiency. You can improve your PC's display by modifying the power parameters. Use these procedures:
  1. Open the Beginning menu and locate "Power and rest settings."
  2. Click the "Power and rest settings" application from the indexed lists to launch it.
  3. In the Power and leisure settings window, tap the "Extra power settings" link.
  4. Select the energy plan labelled "Elite execution" for the highest level of performance.
  5. If battery life is a concern, choose the "Adjusted" energy plan.
  6. Close the Options for Power window.
Changing the power parameters can have a discernible impact on the responsiveness of your computer and reduce slack.

Boost Visualisation Enhancements

Windows 11 offers a variety of specialised visualisations that enhance the client experience overall. However, these effects may also consume system resources and increase system idleness. Are you facing lag in roblox laptop issues on your Windows 11 system? Follow these steps to enhance special visualisations:

  • Open the Beginning menu and navigate to "Execution Choices."
  • To launch the "Execution Choices" application, click its entry in the indexed lists.
  • For the most extreme execution, choose "Adapt to best execution" from the Exhibition Options window.
  • If you prefer a balance between performance and aesthetics, select "Custom" and deselect the enhanced visuals you wish to disable.
  • Click "Apply" and then "Alright" to save your changes.
By enhancing the enhanced visuals, you can reduce the strain on your PC's resources and improve its overall performance.


Experiencing sluggishness on your Windows 11 PC can be frustrating, but with these four strategies, you can fix the problem and enhance your experience.

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