How To Fix Laptop Camera Not Working Windows 11

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In the era of computers, a computer's camera has become an indispensable tool for communication, whether for video conversations, meetings, or capturing precious moments. However, it can be perplexing when your computer's camera stops functioning, especially after upgrading to Windows 11. Simply unwind and let us handle everything! In this blog post, we will examine four methods to assist you in resolving the issue of a non-functioning Windows 11 PC camera. Have you noticed any abnormal integrated camera on windows crashes on your Windows 11 system? We ought to take the leap!

Update Your Camera Drivers: 

The first step in resolving camera issues is to ensure that your drivers are up-to-date. Use these procedures:

  1. Press "Windows" and search for "Gadget Administrator."
  2. To select "Gadget Administrator" from the indexed lists to access it.
  3. Grow the "Cameras" or "Imaging devices" category.
  4. Right-click on your computer's camera and select "Update driver."
  5. Select the option to search for updated driver software automatically 

By updating the camera drivers, it is often possible to resolve compatibility issues and enable proper communication between the camera and Windows 11.

Specifically review Security Settings:

On occasion, the camera may be inoperable due to security settings that limit access to it. This is possible:

  • To launch the "Settings" application by pressing "Windows + I."
  • To tap "Protection" and then "Camera" from the menu on the left.
  • Check that the "Allow applications access to your camera" switch is activated. Are you having trouble in inverted camera on laptop issues on your Windows 11 system?
  • Check that the applications you intend to use with the camera are enabled in the "Select which applications have access to your camera" section.
By modifying the security settings, you can grant the camera's essential permissions for proper operation.

Occasionally, a simple reset can identify camera problems. Follow these steps to impede and reestablish camera control:
  1. To launch the "Settings" application by pressing "Windows + I."
  2. Click "Security" and then "Camera" from the menu on the left
  3. Turn off the switch that reads "Allow access to the camera on this device"
  4. Wait a few moments, then re-engage the power source.
By disabling and reenabling the camera, you give Windows 11 the chance to reset the camera's configuration, thereby resolving any temporary errors.

Check for Interference from Outside Programming:

Certain third-party applications or administrations may prevent your computer's camera from functioning properly. Use these resources to investigate this issue:
  • Press "Ctrl + Shift + Esc" to launch the Undertaking Director.
  • In the Undertaking Supervisor window, navigate to the "Cycles" or "Subtleties" tab.
  • Search for applications or services that may be using the camera.
  • Right-click the conflicting system and select "End assignment" or "End process tree."
By eliminating conflicting cycles, you eliminate potential disagreements that might prevent the camera from filling in properly. Are you experiencing any facial recognition issues with your Windows 11?


With the troubleshooting techniques outlined in this blog post, you should be able to fix a non-functioning PC camera in Windows 11. Ensure that your camera drivers are up-to-date, that you thoroughly review your security settings, that you disable and enable the camera, and that you identify and terminate any conflicting cycles. You'll be back to enjoying consistent video conversations and capturing memories in a matter of moments if you implement these incremental steps.

Keep in mind that if none of the above-mentioned solutions solve the problem, it is appropriate to seek out additional options.

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