How to Fix Windows 11 Startup Problems

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Windows 11 is the most recent version of Microsoft's operating system, delivering a variety of new highlights and updates. In any event, it's not safe to issues, including starting troubles, as it is with some other programming. If you have difficulties while starting up your Windows 11 framework, don't worry! This article will provide you with a comprehensive investigation manual to assist you in resolving these difficulties and getting your PC up and running without a hitch. Are you experiencing any internet connection issues with your Windows 11?"

Investigate Equipment Associations

Turn off the computer and disconnect all peripherals

To begin, turn off your computer completely and disconnect any external devices, such as USB drives, printers, or scanners. Remove any recently added equipment pieces as well.

Reconnect and restart

After a few seconds, reconnect the peripherals and restart your computer. Check whether the startup problem persists. If not, one of the disconnected gadgets may have been the source of the problem. You can then reconnect them one by one to identify the harmful equipment. Have you encountered any  headphone jack on laptop errors while using Windows 11?

Use Windows Startup Repair

Access Advanced Startup Options 

If your PC does not start properly, restart it several times until you see the "Planning Programmed Fix" message. You can, on the other hand, hold down the Shift key while selecting Restart from the Windows Start menu.

Choose Investigate 

On the High level Startup options screen, choose "Investigate" and then "High level choices."

Choose Startup Repair

Click "Startup Fix" and wait for Windows to try to fix things. This cycle could take a while. Follow the framework's on-screen prompts and guidelines. 

Reestablish Framework Watchword

Access Advanced Startup Options

Rehash the means mentioned in Technique 2 to get to the High Level Startup Options.

Select "Framework Reestablish" from the High level options menu. This option allows you to restore your PC to a previous condition when it was functioning properly. Are you facing folder thumbnails issues on your Windows 11 system?

Follow the on-screen guidelines

Follow the Framework Reestablish utility's rules with caution. Choose a good restore point based on the day and time when your framework was working properly. Confirm your decision and allow the framework to complete the reclamation transaction.

Run a Clean Windows Installation Watchword

Make a Windows 11 Installation Media:

To do a flawless installation of Windows 11, you'll need a bootable USB drive or DVD containing the Windows 11 installation papers. Visit Microsoft's official website to download the Windows 11 Media Creation Device and create installation media according to the instructions.

Boot from the Installation Media

Insert the bootable USB drive or DVD into your computer and restart it. Navigate to your PC's Profiles or UEFI settings and set the boot boundary to the installation medium.

Install Windows 11

Follow the on-screen instructions provided during the installation process. To play out an ideal institution, choose the "Custom Introduce" option. Have you encountered any administrator permission  conflicts with Windows 11? This cycle will erase everything on your framework drive, so make sure to back up important documents beforehand.


While encountering Windows 11 startup issues can be discouraging, with the proper investigation methods, you can resolve these issues and restore your PC's functionality. You can successfully overcome these issues by thoroughly inspecting equipment relationships, utilising the Windows Startup Repair instrument, utilising Framework Reestablishment, or doing a clean installation. Maintain patience and strictly follow the recommendations. If the problems persist, consider seeking professional assistance from Microsoft Support or a taught way.

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