How To Fix Minimum System Requirements Not Met Windows 11

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Windows 11 has added exciting new features and a modern design that many customers can't wait to try out. Still, the feared "Least Framework Prerequisites Not Met" error is a common problem that customers might run into when interacting with the business. This error happens when your PC doesn't have the basic hardware that Windows 11 requires. In this blog post, we will look at four ways to help you fix this problem and get your system ready for Windows 11. Are you facing hanging or crashing aps issues on your Windows 11 system?

Check the needs of the framework

Look at Processor Similarity for real

Windows 11 needs a 64-bit system that works and has at least 2 cores and a clock speed of at least 1 GHz. Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open the "Errand Supervisor" and go to the "Execution" tab. Check the information about your processor and make sure it meets the minimum requirements.

Make sure the smash is enough

Windows 11 wants Smash to be at least 4 GB. Press Windows + X, then click "Framework." Under "Gadget details," make sure that the Slam you just added is somewhere between 4 GB and 8 GB.

Check the amount of storage space.

Windows 11 needs at least 64 GB of room to store files. Open File Explorer by pressing Windows + E, then right-click on your main drive and choose "Properties." Check your drive's storage capacity to make sure it meets the bare requirements. Have you encountered any how do you want open this file conflicts with Windows 11?

Make sure your graphics card works.

Windows 11 needs a graphics card or an integrated GPU that works with DirectX 12. Press Windows + R, type "dxdiag," and press Enter to check your graphics card. Go to the "Display" tab in the DirectX Diagnostic Tool and make sure that your graphics card meets the requirements.

Update Drivers and Profiles

Update Illustrations Drivers

Visit your illustrations card maker's site (e.g., NVIDIA, AMD, Intel) and download the most recent drivers viable with Windows 11. Introduce the drivers and restart your PC.

Update Different Drivers

Visit your PC producer's site and download the most recent drivers for your particular model. Introduce any suitable updates, including chipset, organization, and sound drivers. Restart your PC after the establishment. Are you experiencing any GTA san adreas mouse not working problems or issues with on your Windows 11 device?

Update Profiles

Visit your PC producer's site and quest for Profiles refreshes for your model. Adhere to the guidelines given by the producer to refresh your Profiles firmware. Practice alert while performing Profiles refreshes, as erroneous methods can make serious harm your framework.

Empower TPM and Secure Boot

Empower TPM in Profiles

Restart your PC and enter the Profiles settings by squeezing a key (e.g., F2, Del, Esc) during startup. Find the TPM settings and empower it assuming it's crippled. Save the progressions and leave the Profiles.

Empower Secure Boot in Profiles

Access the Profiles settings once more and explore to the Protected Boot settings. Empower Secure Boot assuming it's impaired. Save the progressions and leave the Profiles. Are you having trouble in inverted mouse issues on your Windows 11 system?

Use Windows 11 Similarity Apparatus

Download the Similarity Instrument

Visit the authority Microsoft site and quest for the Windows 11 Similarity Instrument. Download and introduce the apparatus on your ongoing Windows establishment. 

Run the Similarity Device

Send off the Similarity Device and adhere to the on-screen directions. The device will dissect your framework and give a report demonstrating on the off chance that your equipment meets the prerequisites for Windows 11. It will likewise feature a particular issues that should be tended to

Ensure everything cooperates.

Assuming the Similarity Apparatus finds issues with how stuff and programming cooperate, make a point to heed the guidance given. Follow the techniques given to fix the issues with similarity.


While attempting to run Windows 11, it tends to be disappointing to get the "Base Framework Prerequisites Not Met" blunder. By utilizing the means above, you ought to have the option to fix and take care of this issue. Are you experiencing any fingerprint sensor not working on HP laptop issues with your Windows 11? Ensure you check your framework needs, update your drivers and Profiles, turn on TPM and Secure Boot, and utilize the Windows 11 Similarity Device. With these means, you'll be en route to utilizing Windows 11's new and better elements. Have a good time on the web! 

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