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Although Windows 11 is an excellent operating system that ensures a consistent user experience, encountering the perplexing "No Web Access" problem can be a real hassle. Different factors, such as improperly adjusted settings, driver problems, or network problems, can create this problem. If you're taking this test, don't be afraid! In this blog post, we'll look at four solutions that can help you rapidly fix Windows 11's "No Web Access" problem and re-connect to the internet.

Consider actual associations and organisational settings

Evaluate Current Associations

Making sure that any physical connections, such as Ethernet cables or Wi-Fi radio wires, are securely connected to your PC and switch is the first step. The network issue could be caused by a free link or a disconnected Wi-Fi connector.

Switch and Modem Restart

Turn off your switch and modem, wait for a few seconds, and then swindle. This easy task occasionally corrects minor organisational issues and reunites the group.

Verify organisational settings

  1. Right-click the taskbar's organisation icon and choose "Open Organisation and Web settings."
  2. Simply select "Change connector choices."
  3. When you do a right-click on your organisation connector, choose "Properties."
  4. Tap twice on "Web Convention Rendition 4 (TCP/IPv4)."
  5. Make sure that "Get DNS server address consequently" and "Acquire an IP address naturally" are both selected.
  6. The modifications will take effect after you click "Alright" and restart your computer.

Update organisational drivers 

Open Gadget Supervisor 

When a menu appears, press "Windows + X" and choose "Gadget Supervisor" from the list.

Track down organisation liaisons

Recognise your organisation connector by extending the "Organisation connectors" segment.

Update the driver

  1. Right-click your organization's connector and choose "Update driver."
  2. Choose "Search naturally for refreshed driver programming" to let Windows automatically find and install the most recent driver for your connector.

Restart your computer.

Restart your computer to make the modifications take effect after the driver update is complete.

Employ an organisation investigator

Open Settings

To access the Windows Settings, press "Windows + I".

Visit the Web and Organise

The settings menu's "Organisation and Web" section can be found there.

Run the investigator

  1. Then select "Cutting edge network settings."
  2. Go down and click "Organisation investigator."
  3. Follow the instructions displayed on the screen to assess and identify any organisation problems.

Reset organisation settings

Access Organisation Reset 

  1. Launch Settings.
  2. Then select "Organisation and Web."
  3. Look down, then click "Organisation reset."

Reset Organisation Settings 

  1. Simply select "Reset now."
  2. To confirm the action, select "Yes."

Restart your computer

Restart your computer to make the modifications take effect after the organisation reset is complete.


It can be upsetting to experience "No Web Access" on Windows 11, but using the four tactics outlined in this blog post, you can effectively examine and resolve the problem. Always begin by thoroughly examining actual associations and organisational circumstances, as minor concerns are typically resolved with simple arrangements. Resetting network settings, running the organisation investigator, or updating business drivers may prove to be quite effective if the problem persists. By using these step-by-step techniques, you can return to the internet and enjoy a seamless Windows 11 experience.

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