How To Fix Projecting To This PC Feature Disabled Problem In Windows 11

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Windows 11 accompanies a plenty of energizing elements, and one of the most helpful ones is "Projecting to this PC," which permits clients to remotely project their gadgets to a Windows 11 PC. Be that as it may, similar to whatever other innovation, this element might experience issues occasionally, and one normal issue is the "Projecting to this PC" highlight being crippled. In this blog entry, we will investigate four powerful strategies to investigate and fix this issue bit by bit.

Observe Equipment Similarity in Person

It is essential to confirm that your PC's hardware is compatible with the "Projecting to this PC" feature before diving into the product fixes. How to do it:

  1. To open the Run exchange box on your console, press Windows key + R.
  2. Enter "dxdiag" after typing it. The DirectX Indicative Device will open as a result.
  3. Investigate the "Framework" tab in the DirectX Symptomatic Device window, then look for the "Miracast" status. If it shows "Accessible," then your equipment is functional. If not, you might need to update the drivers for your designs or invest in a Miracast adapter.

Strengthen the Element by Changing the Settings

The "Projecting to this PC" component may occasionally be disabled in your Windows 11 settings. Take the following actions to empower it:
  • To access the Windows Settings, press Windows key + I.
  • Select "Framework" and then "Projecting to this PC" from the menu on the left.
  • Depending on your preference, change the "Continuously Off" option under "Projecting to this PC" to either "Accessible everywhere" or "Accessible wherever on secure organizations."
  • Ensure that "Require PIN for matching" is configured according to your security preferences.

Really look at Organization Settings

The "Projecting to this PC" include depends on a steady organization association. On the off chance that your organization settings are not as expected designed, it could bring about the element being debilitated. To solve problems:
  1. Select "Open Network & Internet settings" by right-clicking on the Network icon in the taskbar.
  2. Under "Change your organization settings," click on "Cutting edge network settings."
  3. Verify that "Private" is selected on your network. Public organizations might limit specific elements, including "Projecting to this PC."

Update graphics drivers

Problems with the "Projecting to this PC" capability can result from outdated or defective graphics drivers. For graphics driver updates:
  • Click the Start button with the right mouse button and choose "Device Manager."
  • Click your graphics card in the context menu after expanding the "Display adapters" section.
  • Choose "Update driver" and adhere to the on-screen prompts to look for and install the most recent driver updates.


Users can wirelessly share their screens thanks to the wonderful "Projecting to this PC" function in Windows 11. But it can be annoying to have the "Projecting to this PC" feature deactivated. You can troubleshoot and fix the problem step by step by using the four ways listed above. To use a feature, turn it on in the settings first, make sure your network settings are correct, and then update your graphics drivers. You ought to be able to once more take use of the smooth projection of your devices onto your Windows 11 PC with the help of these fixes.

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