Top 10 Luxury Watch Reviewers on YouTube!

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Luxury timepieces are a massive addiction that once you are hooked, there is no getting over it. The world of mechanical and technological wonders is filled with millions of options. So, how do you decide which watch best suits your personality, pocket, and aesthetics? It sounds really easy doesn’t it, that you go to a shop, explore a selection of watches, pick your choice, and go home.  

Top 10 Luxury Watch Reviewers on YouTube!

Here comes the bad news, the reality of luxury watches is quite different. In fact, authorized dealerships don’t sell the watches on display and there is a long waiting list that usually varies from brand to brand. For instance, Rolex has a waiting list of up to 4-6 years for its most desirable timepieces, and Patek Philippe has an 8-10 years long list because of its limited production. 

Wondering about a possible fast-tracked solution? 

The best solution to this problem is buying your timepiece from the secondary or gray market as most people buying luxury timepieces is a time-consuming process and involves an in-depth review of craftsmanship, condition, and fluctuating prices. 

Herein, instead of visiting the grey market, the best thing to do is explore the world of luxury watches on YouTube as everyone does not have the luxury to inspect their timepiece firsthand. Many reviewers work in the secondary market and can provide you with great insider details and tactics to make your next buy worthwhile. For an uninterrupted streaming experience in 4K, you can contact Xfinity customer service for a lightning-fast internet.

Here is a list of the top 7 luxury watch reviewers and dealers on YouTube: 

Watchfinder & Co.

If you are looking for a brief review of luxury timepieces with the highest production value that prioritizes the artistic and visual appearance of the watch, then you must visit this channel. With well-researched and meticulously crafted scripts Watchfinder & Co. will provide you with a holistic overview of vintage and contemporary timepieces. 


An outshoot of the world’s most prestigious watch magazine known for its watch journalism, Hodinkee’s YouTube channel provides exceptional storytelling with historical context in reviews. It is known for its collaborations with renowned watchmakers for exclusive and premium content. 

One of the foremost destinations for all things horology, Hodinkee specializes in explaining complex watch jargon in an understandable manner. 

Teddy Baldassarre

If you are a millennial or Gen Z facing trouble connecting with other reviewers, then Teddy is the guy for you. A young and enthusiastic watch aficionado with a growing following, Mr. Baldassarre provides detailed and insightful reviews of both established and emerging brands. He leverages an inclusive approach, catering to a wide range of budgets and preferences. The channel also features exciting collaborations with other YouTubers, watchmakers, and watch enthusiasts.

Nico Leonard

British reviewer with a strong focus on luxury timepieces with a lively and entertaining presentation style, Nico Leonard is a super fun guy that keeps you hooked through his hilarious style and flare as well as his in-depth knowledge of watch features, craftsmanship, and value for money. If you are a timepiece fanatic then do check out his celebrity and brand roasts!

Roman Sharf

Roman Sharf is the founder of Luxury Bazaar, one of the distinguished watch sellers in the secondary market with an average revenue of over $150 million. If you want to get to know how the day-to-day operations of the watch world work from acquisition, selling, trading, and intricate negotiations then Roman Sharf is your guy. What makes his perspective unique is his years of experience in the watch business deeming him a class apart.

Swiss Watch Gang

Hailing from Switzerland, Marko packs a punch of excitement and enthusiasm when it comes to luxury horology. If you are into extremely niche watch brands, microbrands, and independent watchmakers from Andreas Strehler to Alchemists, the Swiss Watch Gang provides comprehensive insights into emerging labels.


If you love all things luxury and have a knack for exploring the world of extravagance, then this channel is for you. The ProducerMichael channel largely is a watch review channel that provides lively and enthusiastic watch reviews based on a personal and non-technical perspective. It focuses more on the fun side of the watch world and its grey market dynamics while occasionally adding reviews of multi-million mansions, supercars, and jewelry.

In a nutshell

The next time you want to plan a final decision for your timepiece purchase. These YouTube channels are your go-to options for a safe, worthwhile, and cost-effective acquisition in the secondary market. From the holy trinity of watches, including Audemars Piguet, Vacheron Constantin, and Patek Philippe to other luxury brands, such as Rolex, Jaeger‑LeCoultre, Breguet, and Richard Mille – you can get it all! Another value-added benefit of these channels is that you can find discounted deals for a great number of luxury brands. So, waste no time, hit the play button, and get moving.

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