How To Fix Action Needed WIFI Windows 11

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Windows 11 users may have experienced the annoying "Action Needed" WiFi bug that breaks internet connectivity. This issue can be caused by obsolete drivers, improper settings, or security software incompatibilities. Luckily, there are various simple ways to fix this and restore your WiFi connection. This blog post discusses four successful Windows 11 "Action Needed" WiFi fixes.

WiFi Driver Update

  1. Press Win + X and choose "Device Manager" from the menu.
  2. Expand "Network Adapters".
  3. Right-click your WiFi adapter and select "Update driver."
  4. Select "Search automatically for updated driver software" to help Windows find and install the newest WiFi adapter driver.

Reset Network Settings

  • Start the Settings app by pressing Win + I.
  • Select "Status" from "Network & Internet" in the left sidebar.
  • Scroll down to "Network reset" under "Advanced network settings".
  • Click "Reset now" and confirm. This resets all network settings to default.

Disable and Enable WiFi Adapter

  1. Right-click the system tray network icon and select "Open Network & Internet settings."
  2. Go to "Network status" and select "Change adapter options."
  3. Right-click your WiFi adapter and select "Disable."
  4. After a few seconds, right-click the adapter and select "Enable" to re-enable it.

Check Firewall and Security Software

  • Start the Settings app by pressing Win + I.
  • Select "Windows Security" from "Privacy & Security" in the left sidebar.
  • Click "Firewall & network protection."
  • Check the firewall for WiFi interference. Add WiFi network exceptions if needed.


Although the "Action Needed" WiFi issue on Windows 11 can be frustrating, it is not necessary to panic. You may fix the issue and have uninterrupted internet by following the four steps in this blog post. Updating WiFi drivers, changing network settings, shutting and enabling the WiFi adapter, and checking firewall settings are basic but efficient solutions.

Keep your Windows 11 OS updated to avoid bugs and improve performance. You may also manage future network issues by remaining up to date on troubleshooting techniques. These methods will eliminate the "Action Needed" WiFi issue and maximize your Windows 11 experience.

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