How To Fix Alt Codes Not Working On Windows 11

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Alt codes are a useful way to add unique characters and graphics that aren't immediately accessible on your console. However, if you are experiencing troubles with Alt codes not working in Windows 11, it is likely that you will be disappointed. But don't worry! In this blog post, we'll look at four effective methods for getting your Alt codes ready again, ensuring you can regularly incorporate those unique characters.

Take a close look at the Console Language Settings

One common reason for Alt codes not working is incorrect console language settings. Follow these steps to ensure your console language settings are properly configured:

  1. Launch Settings: Select "Settings" from the Start menu (you can also squeeze "Win + I" to launch Settings quickly).
  2. Navigate to Time and Language: From the Settings box, select "Time and Language."
  3. Choose a Language: Select "Language" from the sidebar on the left. Check that the language you're using matches the design of your console.
  4. Add a favorite Language: If the correct language isn't listed, click "Add a favored language" and select the appropriate language for your console design.
  5. Remove Superfluous Dialects: If you have multiple dialects recorded, remove any that are unnecessary to avoid confusion.

Debilitate Unusual Keys

Tacky Keys, a Windows openness feature, can obstruct Alt codes. To disable Tacky Keys, use the following methods:

  • Straightforward entrance: Navigate to the Beginning menu, then "Settings" > "Simple entry."
  • Navigate to Console: In the Simple entry settings, select "Console."
  • Tacky Keys is incapacitated: Look down and find "Tacky Keys." Deactivate the "Press each critical in turn for console easy routes" option.

Update Console Drivers

Alt codes can also be affected by outdated or unreliable console drivers. This is how to update your console drivers:

  1. Director of Open Gadgets: Right-click the Start button and select "Gadget Administrator."
  2. Find Consoles: Expand the "Consoles" section.
  3. Update drivers by right-clicking on the console's entrance and selecting "Update driver."
  4. As a result, conduct the following search: Select "Search naturally for refreshed driver programming" to allow Windows to locate and install the latest recent drivers.

Make Use of a Character Guide

If the following methods don't work, you can use the Person Guide equipment to physically embed exceptional characters:
  • Search for Character Guide: Open the application by typing "Character Guide" into the Windows search box.
  • Select a Person: Look through the available characters, then click on the one you want, then click "Select" and "Duplicate."
  • Glue the Person: Go to the report where the person needs to be embedded and press "Ctrl + V" to glue it.


Alt codes not working with Windows 11 can be a frustrating issue, but with these four ways, you can examine and resolve the problem effectively. Check your console language settings, disable Tacky Keys, update console drivers, and, depending on the situation, use the Person Guide device. Following these steps will allow you to effortlessly incorporate uncommon characters and images using Alt codes, improving your efficiency and overall Windows 11 experience.

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