How To Fix An Automatic Repair Loop On Windows 11

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Have you been caught in a grating scheduled fix circle by Windows 11? You can unwind knowing that you're fighting alongside strong opponents. A programmed fix circle can be perplexing, but fear not—solutions exist for this common problem. This guide will walk you through four effective ways to release your Windows 11 framework from the control of the pre-programmed fix circle.

The Programmed Fix Circle: An Overview

It's crucial to understand what the programmed fix circle is and why it occurs before diving into the arrangements. When your Windows 11 system repeatedly tries to naturally fix itself but fails for unclear reasons, it enters a loop of failure known as a programmed fix circle. Different circumstances, such as falsified framework records, equipment problems, or faulty updates, may be to blame for this.

Restore the Experimental Mode and Framework

  1. Turn off your computer and then walk away. When the Windows logo appears, forcefully shut down your computer by holding down the power button.
  2. Repeat Stage 1 twice more until you see the "Programmed Fix" screen. Here, select "High level choices."
  3. Investigate to "Investigate" > "High level Startup Choices" > "Restart."
  4. After restarting, press the number key associated with "Enable Protected Mode with Systems Administration."
  5. Once in Experimental Mode, locate and pick "Make a reestablish point" from the Beginning menu. Click the "Framework Reestablish" button in the Framework Properties window.
  6. Follow the prompts to select a restore point prior to the programmed fix circle issue. Affirm and enable the framework to rebuild the complete process.

Investigate Plate Errors

  • Navigate to the High Level Startup Options indicated in Technique 1.
  • Select "Order Brief" from the drop-down menu.
  • Type chkdsk/f/r into the Order Brief window and press Enter. This order will sweep and correct plate errors.
  • Once the interaction is complete, restart your PC and verify that the programmed fix circle is in place.

Undermine Programed Restart

  1. Allow your computer to go through the programmed fix process until you reach the "Programmed Fix" screen.
  2. Instead of selecting "Cutting edge choices," select "High level" and then "Order Brief."
  3. Type bcdedit/set current recoveryenabled No into the Order Brief and click Enter. This will make scheduled restart on framework failure impossible.
  4. Exit the Order Brief and restart your computer. Assume the circle has been broken.

Output of Framework Document Checker (SFC) 

  • Launch into the High-Level Startup Options.
  • Click on "Order Brief."
  • Type sfc/scannow into the Order Brief and hit Enter. This will begin an output of your framework documentation for errors and will naturally attempt to remedy them.
  • Once the output is complete, restart your computer to see if the programmed fix circle remains.


Managing a scheduled repair circle on Windows 11 might be frustrating, but with these four approaches, you now have the tools to deal with the problem head on. Using Protected Mode and Framework Reestablish, checking for circle mistakes, disabling scheduled restart, or running an SFC filter can all help you break the cycle and restore your framework's effectiveness. Remember that perseverance and perseverance are essential, and if one strategy fails, feel free to try another.

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