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The most recent version of Microsoft's operating system, Windows 11, has an updated interface and better performance. Even the most extraordinary structures, however, occasionally make mistakes. The "Awful Framework Config Data" error is one example of a mistake like this that might impede your productivity and leave you disappointed. In this blog post, we'll examine this error, identify its sources, and provide you four effective solutions to solve it.

Knowledge of the "Terrible Framework Config Data" Error

Poor or inaccurate framework design information is frequently linked to the "Terrible Framework Config Data" error in Windows 11. This error can prevent your framework from properly starting, resulting in a blue screen of death (BSOD) that displays the error message. While the precise cause may change, typical offenders include equipment problems, driver conflicts, or contaminated framework records.

Check and correct the framework documents

  1. To open Order Brief with full authority, press Win + X and choose Windows Terminal (Administrator).
  2. Enter sfc/scannow into the Order Brief window after typing the command. With this order, a framework document examination will begin.
  3. Have faith that the sweep will succeed. If any falsified documents are discovered, the tool will try to correct them as a result.

Update drivers

  • Select Gadget Supervisor from the menu by pressing Win + X.
  • Expand the classes and look for any devices that have a yellow triangle symbol, which indicates a driver problem.
  • Right-click the problematic device, choose Update drivers, then follow the on-screen instructions to find and install the most recent driver.

Reestablish the Framework

  1. To select Settings, press Win + X, then choose Framework.
  2. On the right side, select Cutting edge situation settings.
  3. Navigate to the Framework Assurance tab in the Framework Properties window and select Framework Reestablish.
  4. Pick a time before the mistake occurred by following the prompts, then let the cycle run its course.

Thoroughly examine Hard Drive Health

  • In order to open Order Brief with administrator privileges, press Win + X and choose Windows Terminal (Administrator).
  • Press Enter after entering chkdsk C:/f/r. If the drive where your Windows installation is located is something other than C:, replace it with the appropriate drive letter.
  • The plan is to keep an eye on the upcoming framework restart in a circle. By typing Y and pressing Enter, you can confirm.
  • Restart your computer to enable the circle check. It will detect and correct any problematic areas or document structure errors.


Although running into the "Terrible Framework Config Data" error in Windows 11 can be a frustrating experience, armed with the knowledge and instructions provided in this article, you are now equipped to face it head-on. Keep in mind that mistakes might occur for a variety of reasons, such as falsified records, reckless driving, or equipment problems. Applying the strategies listed above methodically will put you on the right track to solving the problem and restoring your Windows 11 framework to full functionality. Keep learning and don't fear the "terrible Framework Config Data" error!

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