How To Fix Ethernet Connected But No Internet Access Windows 11

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A stable and solid web association is required in the current meticulously associated world. However, it is common to encounter problems when your Ethernet connection appears to be active but is insufficient for online access. On the off chance that you recently upgraded to Windows 11 and encounter this problem, fear not! This guide will walk you through four solutions to resolve the "Ethernet connected, but no web access" problem on your Windows 11 computer.

Examine the Ethernet link and association

We should start with the basics before delving into more involved research. Make sure your Ethernet cable is properly connected to the switch and the Ethernet port on your PC. Network problems are frequently brought on by free or damaged links.

  1. Examine the link associations in detail: Make sure the switch and your PC are securely connected via the Ethernet wire. We need a comfortable fit.
  2. Check out the link: Check the link for any obvious damage. Replace the link if you notice any cuts or frayed wires.

Refresh Organizational Drivers

Obsolete or degraded network drivers might cause availability problems. To address this, use the following methods:

  • Director of Access Gadgets: Right-click the Start button and select "Gadget Chief."
  • Extend Organization connectors by right-clicking on your Ethernet connector and selecting "Update driver."
  • Natural search: Choose the programmed driver search option. Windows will look for and install the latest recent driver for your connector that it can find.
  • Restart your computer: After installing the driver update, restart your computer to allow the progressions to take effect.

Reset TCP/IP 

In some situations, the Transmission Control Protocol/online Protocol (TCP/IP) can become debased, affecting your online association. This is how you reset it:

  • Brief in Open Order: Right-click on the Beginning button and choose "Windows Terminal (Administrator)" to deliver Order Brief with management honors.
  • Orders must be carried out: Individually enter the accompanying orders, squeezing Enter after each:

netsh winsock reset

netsh int ip reset

  • Restart your computer: Reboot your computer to complete the TCP/IP reset.

Cripple IPv6 

IPv6, while essential for modern businesses, may generate conflicts. Briefly handicapping it can reveal availability issues:
  1. Access org associations: Right-click the framework plate organization icon and select "Open Organization and Web settings."
  2. Under "Cutting edge network settings," select "Change connector choices."
  3. Disable IPv6: Right-click your Ethernet connection, select "Properties," uncheck "Web Convention Adaptation 6 (TCP/IPv6)" and click "Alright."
  4. After installing this update, restart your PC to see if the problem is fixed.


Overall, Windows 11's "Ethernet associated however no web access" issue is disappointing but not bad. By carefully investigating, you can prepare your association. Remember to start with the basics and progress to more advanced arrangements if needed. Checking your links, updating drivers, resetting TCP/IP, or disabling IPv6 can help you get a consistent web-based view on your Windows 11 PC.

Thus, when you face this test, refer back to this guide and follow these steps to regain your web connection and control the disappointment.

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