How To Fix Keyboard Not Working On Asus Laptop Windows 11

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Workstations made by Asus are renowned for their excellent execution, slick design, and user-friendly features. However, even the most reliable devices occasionally have problems. One typical problem that users could notice is a non-responsive console on an Asus PC running Windows 11. This problem might be perplexing, especially if you rely on your computer for business, school, or entertainment. In this blog post, we'll look at four effective ways to look into and resolve the "Console Not Dealing with Asus PC Windows 11" problem.

Look for problems with actual associations

  1. Disengage External Devices: External devices, such as USB drives or other peripherals, may cause the PC's console to lag. All external devices should be turned off to avoid any conflicts.
  2. Restarting your computer will help you identify any minor faults that might be the root of the console problem. Restart by clicking the "Begin" option, choosing the power icon, and then clicking "Restart."

Update or roll back console drivers 

  • Right-click the "Begin" button and choose "Gadget Supervisor" from the settings menu to access the gadget administrator.
  • Grow Consoles: Locate and expand the "Consoles" part in the Gadget Chief window.
  • Update Drivers: Select "Update driver" from the context menu when you right-click on the console that was recorded (it might be named "Standard PS/2 Console"). To find and introduce any appropriate upgrades, follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Roll Back Drivers: If updating the drivers doesn't work, you can try rolling back the driver to a previous version. Once more right-click the console, choose "Properties," then, if the "Driver" tab has a "Roll Back Driver" option, choose that option.

Utilize the On-Screen Console 

  1. Simple entry for access: Simply click the "Begin" button, choose "Settings," and then choose "Straightforward entry."
  2. On-Screen Console: Navigate to the "Console" section of the Straightforward entry settings. The "Utilization the On-Screen Console" switch should be turned on.
  3. Virtual Console: A virtual console that lets you text using a mouse or touch input will appear on your screen.

Re-establish a Framework

  • Access Framework Reestablishment: Click the "Begin" button and look for "Make a reestablish point." Select the corresponding consequence.
  • Framework Reestablish: In the Framework Properties box, locate and click the "Framework Reestablish" button.
  • Choose a Reestablishment site: Follow the prompts to select a fair reestablishment site from a list of available options. This will restore your framework to a previous state in which the console was operational.
  • Affirm and Reestablish: Examine your options and confirm the reclamation interaction. Your computer will restart, and the problem may be resolved after the rebuilding is completed.


A non-functional console on your Asus PC running Windows 11 can be a disappointment. Nonetheless, with the solutions outlined in this blog post, you should be able to effectively address the issue. Check for genuine affiliations, update or roll back console drivers, use the on-screen console as a temporary solution, and perform a framework reestablish if required. By using these methods, you can reclaim the utility of your console and continue to use your PC properly.

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