How To Fix Restart Problem In Windows 11

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Although Windows 11 offers a host of new features and a modern appearance, it's not without its share of problems. The dreaded "Restart Problem" is one of the most frequent issues consumers encounter. Don't worry if your Windows 11 computer is stuck in a restart loop or won't turn on! In this blog post, we'll look at four efficient ways to fix the restart issue and restart your PC.

Examine for updates

Checking that your system is up to date should be the first step in solving any software-related problems. Microsoft periodically publishes updates that provide stability and bug fixes. For Windows 11 to check for updates:

  1. Select "Settings" by clicking the Start button (keyword: restart problem).
  2. Click "Windows Update" (Keyword: Restart Problem) in the Settings window.
  3. To have Windows look for available updates, click "Check for updates" (Keyword: Restart Problem).
  4. Click "Download and install" to start the update process if any updates are discovered (Keyword: Restart Problem).
  5. Restart your computer after the updates are installed to see whether the restart issue still exists.
  6. Run a malware check

Malware frequently causes unforeseen problems, including restart troubles, in Windows systems. Any potential risks can be found and eliminated by running a comprehensive system scan using Windows Defender or a trustworthy antivirus program from a third party.

Using Windows Defender, perform a malware check

  • To access Settings, press Windows Key + I (Keyword: Restart Problem).
  • (Keyword: Restart Problem) Click "Privacy & Security" and then "Windows Security."
  • Click "Quick Scan" and choose "Virus & Threat Protection" (Keyword: Restart Problem).
  • Wait for the scan to finish, then take the suggested actions (Keyword: Restart Problem) if any threats are found.
  • Once the procedure is complete, restart your computer to see if the restart problem has been fixed.
  • newest drivers

Drivers that are outdated or incompatible might cause a number of issues with the system, including restart troubles. 

Windows 11 drivers, update

  1. Using the "Device Manager" option from the context menu of the Start button, choose "Restart Problem."
  2. Expand the categories in the Device Manager window, then right-click on a device marked with an exclamation point (Keyword: Restart Problem).
  3. Then click "Search automatically for drivers" after selecting "Update driver" (Keyword: Restart Problem)
  4. Update the driver by adhering to the on-screen instructions (Keyword: Restart Issue).
  5. For any device that has outdated drivers, repeat the procedure.
  6. Restart your computer after updating all required drivers to see whether the issue still exists.
  7. Restore the system

The System Restore tool can assist you return your system to a prior state where the issue didn't exist if the restart issue only recently appeared.

Windows 11 to carry out a System Restore

  • To enter the Run dialog box, press Windows Key + R and type "Restart Problem."
  • To initiate System Restore, enter "rstrui" without the quotes and hit Enter (Keyword: Restart Issue).
  • Select a restoration point prior to the restart problem happening by clicking "Next" (Keyword: Restart Problem).
  • To complete the restoration process (Keyword: Restart Problem), adhere to the on-screen directions.
  • Your computer will restart once the restore process has been completed. Look to see if the problem has been fixed (Keyword: Restart Problem).


The restart issue in Windows 11 can be annoying, but you can easily troubleshoot and fix it using the techniques described in this blog post. Always keep your system updated, run malware scans, install the latest drivers, and use System Restore as necessary. Your Windows 11 computer can be restored to top condition and resume running properly by following these easy instructions!

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