How To Fix Security At A Glance Windows 11

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Windows 11's striking graphics and improved functions have unquestionably altered the user experience. However, it's imperative to make sure that your operating system is protected from any dangers, just like any other operating system. We will examine four efficient ways to quickly solve security concerns on Windows 11 in this blog post. You may strengthen the security of your system and safeguard your private information by using these simple measures.

Update your copy of Windows 11 regularly

Access Windows Update Settings 

Select "Settings" from the Start menu by clicking the gear symbol. Next, select "Update & Security."

Check for updates 

Pick "Windows Update" from the left-hand menu in the Update & Security section. To start looking for available updates, click the "Check for updates" button.

Install updates 

If updates are discovered, select "Install" to begin the installation procedure. Make sure your computer is online, and it is advised to save any ongoing work before continuing.

Activate Windows Defender antivirus 

Open Windows Security 

Type "Windows Security" into the search field by pressing the Windows key on your keyboard. To open the Windows Security program, click the corresponding result.

Access Virus & Threat Protection 

Choose "Virus & Threat Protection" from the left-hand menu in the Windows Security program.

Turn on Windows Defender Antivirus 

In the "Virus & Threat Protection settings" section, select "Manage settings." Switch on Windows Defender Antivirus by doing so.

Utilize Windows Firewall 

Access Windows Firewall 

To enter the Run dialog box, simultaneously press the Windows key and "R". Press Enter after typing "control firewall.cpl". A window for Windows Firewall will appear.

Turn on Windows Firewall 

Click "Turn Windows Defender Firewall on or off" in the Windows Firewall window's left-hand menu.

Turn on Firewall for Both Public and Private Networks

Choose "Turn on Windows Defender Firewall" for both "Private network settings" and "Public network settings" under "Firewall state."

Enable biometric authentication and use a strong password

Create a strong password

To launch the Settings app, simultaneously press "I" and the Windows key. Select "Sign-in options" under "Accounts" on the left-hand side. Make a strong and distinctive password by clicking "Change" under "Password" and following the on-screen directions.

Enable biometric authentication 

Set up your preferred biometric identification technique, such as fingerprint or facial recognition, under "Windows Hello" under the same "Sign-in options" area.


Security on Windows 11 is a primary focus in order to protect your sensitive data and personal information. You can substantially improve the security at a look on Windows 11 by keeping your system updated, turning on Windows Defender Antivirus and Firewall, using strong passwords with biometric verification, and more. You can get a worry-free computing experience on this svelte and potent operating system by meticulously applying these four techniques. Keep in mind that keeping a secure computing environment requires constant attention!

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