How To Fix Slow Laptop Windows 11

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Is Windows 11 on your laptop making it move at a snail's pace, frustrating you and impeding your productivity? It's not just you! After updating to Windows 11, many users experience a sluggish laptop issue. Fortunately, there are a number of efficient solutions to this issue that will improve the performance of your laptop. In this article, we'll go through four tested techniques that can speed up a Windows 11 laptop.

Update your drivers and Windows

Making sure your operating system and device drivers are current is the first step in fixing a slow laptop on Windows 11. Bug fixes, speed boosts, and compatibility improvements are frequently included in routine updates. How to do it:

  1. Select Settings (the gear icon) by clicking the Start button.
  2. From the left sidebar, select Windows Update.
  3. Click "Check for updates" to start Windows looking for and installing any updates that are available.
  4. It is crucial to update your device drivers to the most recent versions after updating Windows.
  5. Select Device Manager by performing a right-click on the Start button.
  6. When you right-click on the device after expanding each category, select "Update driver."
  7. Choose "Search automatically for updated driver software" to enable Windows to automatically download and install the most recent drivers.

Turn off startup applications

The boot time and overall speed of your laptop can be dramatically impacted by having many startup programs. Your laptop may get a much-needed speed increase if unneeded startup programs are disabled. Here is how to go about it:

  • To launch the Task Manager, use "Ctrl + Shift + Esc".
  • Activate the "Startup" tab.
  • To disable a program, simply right-click on it and choose "Disable."

Your laptop will start up more quickly and have more resources available for crucial tasks if you disable unwanted startup programs.

Enhance the performance of Windows 11

Many of the visual features and animations that come with Windows 11 might make your laptop feel sluggish, especially on older hardware. The effectiveness of these effects can be improved. This is how you do it:

  1. Press "Windows + X" and choose "System."
  2. The "Advanced system settings" link is located in the right sidebar.
  3. Click "Settings" in the "Performance" section.
  4. To turn off all visual effects, select the "Adjust for best performance" option. Alternately, you can alter the parameters to suit your tastes.

The visual effects can be improved to make your laptop feel faster and more responsive.

Defragment drives and clean up disk space

Temporary files and useless data might accumulate in your laptop's storage over time, slowing down performance. Defragmenting disks and clearing up disk space can make your laptop run faster overall. Take these actions:
  • To launch File Explorer, press "Windows + E".
  • The C: drive (or any other drive you wish to clean) can be selected by right-clicking it and choosing "Properties."
  • Click "Disk Cleanup" on the "General" tab to let Windows estimate how much space you can save up.
  • To delete a certain type of file, check the appropriate box, then click "OK" and "Delete Files."

Defragmenting drives involves

  1. In the search box, enter "defragment" and choose "Defragment and Optimize Drives."
  2. To defragment a drive, select it and then click "Optimize."
Your laptop's performance will remain at its highest level if you regularly carry out these housekeeping activities.


Although a slow laptop running Windows 11 can be annoying, there are practical fixes available. You may dramatically improve your laptop's efficiency by updating Windows and drivers, turning off superfluous startup apps, enhancing visual effects, and decluttering your hard drive. If you incorporate these procedures into your regular maintenance, Windows 11 will run faster and more smoothly for you. Keep in mind that maintaining your laptop in peak condition increases performance and lengthens its lifespan. 

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