How To Fix Missing Screen Brightness Slider Option In Windows 11

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Windows 11 introduced a new and modern appearance, but with its new connection point, some users have reported missing screen brightness slider options. This can be perplexing, especially if you frequently adjust the brightness of your screen. In this blog post, we will examine four methods for restoring the absent screen brightness slider in Windows 11, allowing you to control the screen's brightness with ease. How about we start?

Upgrade Design Drivers

One of the primary causes of an absent screen brightness slider is outdated or incompatible drivers. To resolve this issue, use these methods:

  1. Open Device Manager: Right-click the Beginning icon and choose "Gadget Administrator" from the context-sensitive menu.
  2. Extend Show Connectors: Double-tap "In plain view connectors" to display your illustration card.
  3. Update Drivers: Right-click the graphics card and select "Update driver."
  4. Search Organically: Select "Search automatically for updated driver software" and follow the on-screen instructions to update your graphics drivers.

After the update, reboot your system and verify that the screen brightness adjuster has returned. If this does not work, try the following strategy.

Modify Power Plan Settings

Occasionally, the missing screen brightness slider can be attributed to drive plan parameters. To determine this, use the following methods:

  • To launch the Settings application, press Win + I.
  • Go to Structure: In the Settings window, select "Framework" with a click.
  • Power and Battery: In the sidebar on the left, select "Power and battery."
  • Extra Power Settings: Look down and click "Extra power settings."
  • Select or Modify a Powerful Plan: Choose your current energy plan or an alternative one. Click "Change plan settings."
  • Modify Advanced Power Settings: Click "Modify advanced power settings."
  • Grow the "Show" section.
  • Enable Flexible Brilliance: Ensure that "Enable flexible brilliance" is set to "On" for both the "On battery" and "Connected" options.
Click "Apply" followed by "Alright." Currently, verify if the screen brightness slider has returned.

Reinstall Display Drivers

Outdated or damaged screen drivers can also result in an absent screen brightness slider. This is the procedure for reinstalling display drivers:

  1. launch Gadget Director: To launch Gadget Administrator, follow the steps in Method 1.
  2. Grow "Show Connectors" and right-click on your illustrations card to display connectors.
  3. Choose "Uninstall Gadget" and examine the box labelled "Erase the driver programming for this gadget."
  4. Turn off and Reboot: After uninstalling, disconnect your computer from the power source, wait a few seconds, and then reconnect it. Reboot your system.
Windows will reinstall the necessary drivers for your display. Check whether the screen brightness slider is currently visible.

Examine Windows Updates

Microsoft routinely releases updates to correct and enhance framework execution, such as missing highlights. To ensure your framework is cutting-edge, adhere to the following guidelines:

  • To launch the Settings application, press Win + I.
  • Select "Windows Update" from the Settings window.
  • Examine for Updates: Click on the "Check for Refreshes" icon.

Assuming updates are available, Windows will automatically obtain and install them. After the update cycle has concluded, restart your computer and verify that the screen brightness slider has returned.


The absence of a screen brightness slider in the Windows 11 operating system can elicit frustration. However, by employing the following four techniques, one can effectively address and rectify this matter. There are other solutions available for users to consider, such as updating graphics drivers, modifying power plan settings, reinstalling monitor drivers, or checking for Windows updates. By adhering to the provided sequential guidelines, one will promptly reclaim command over the brightness settings of their screen. Ensure that your Windows 11 experience is not compromised by the absence of a slider, and take the necessary steps to enhance it promptly.

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