How To Share Walmart Plus With Family

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Tired of Being the Lone Wolf of Walmart Savings? Share Your Plus with the Fam!

Let's face it, being a Walmart Plus member is pretty darn swanky. Free grocery delivery? Gas discounts that make you feel like you're winning the lottery (at least until the next fill-up)? Exclusive deals that make your wallet do a happy dance? Sign. Me. Up.

But what if all that Walmart Plus wonder could be, well, even more wonderful? What if you could share the wealth (of discounts, that is) with your lovely (or sometimes tolerable) family members? Buckle up, because we're about to dive into the glorious world of Walmart Plus family sharing!

Sharing is Caring (and Saves You a Buck!): Who Gets to be Plus One (or Two, or Three...)

Hold your horses there, chief. You can't exactly invite the entire neighborhood to your Walmart Plus party. Sharing is limited to those who reside in the same household and are on the same Walmart account. Think spouse, significant other, adult children who haven't quite flown the coop yet (bless their hearts), or even that awesome college student who always forgets to buy groceries (we've all been there, Brenda).

Important side note: This doesn't mean you can create a Walmart Plus cult with random internet strangers. Sorry, Steve-from-the-Refrigerator-Water-Cooler-Guy.

The Nitty-Gritty: How to Make Them Sing the Plus Song

Sharing your Walmart Plus membership is about as easy as convincing your grandma that those online cat videos aren't demonic rituals. Here's the lowdown:

  • There's no magic button (yet). Unfortunately, there isn't a dedicated "share membership" option (at least for now). But fear not, resourceful shopper! Sharing happens automatically as long as your family members are on the same account you used to sign up for Walmart Plus.
  • Download the app (or head to the website). This is where the magic happens (well, kind of). Once your family members are logged in to the account with Walmart Plus, they'll see the glorious benefits bestowed upon them. It's like Christmas morning, but with more discounts and less fruitcake.
  • Separate logins, shared savings. Even though everyone benefits from the same membership, your family members can still have their own login information. Think of it like having your own secret handshake to access the world of Walmart Plus goodness.

Sharing is Fun! (Except When They Hog All the Delivery Slots)

Now that your family is basking in the warm glow of Walmart Plus, here's what to expect:

  • Grocery delivery bliss (or potential chaos). Free delivery is awesome, but be prepared for a potential battle royale over who gets the coveted delivery slots. Pro tip: Establish a family schedule to avoid grocery delivery FOMO.
  • Gas station glory (or gas station guilt). Those sweet gas discounts? They're for everyone on the account! Just be prepared for that awkward moment when your teenager pulls up in a gas-guzzling monster truck and expects you to foot the (discounted) bill.
  • A united shopping front (or sibling rivalry taken to a new level). With shared access to exclusive deals, your family shopping trips might become a competition to see who can snag the best bargains. May the odds (and the fastest reflexes) be ever in your favor!

So there you have it! Sharing your Walmart Plus membership is a breeze and a great way to spread the savings love. Just remember, with great discounts comes great responsibility (like reminding your forgetful college student to actually order groceries this time). Now go forth and conquer the world of Walmart, together!

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