How To Start Computer Faster - Start Windows in 10 Seconds


    How To Start Computer Faster - Start Windows in 10 Seconds
    Earlier days of computer when there were CRT monitors and 256 MB of RAM, it used to take half an hour to boot the computer system. But thanks to the technology we can start the system up in just a few seconds. But I went ahead and found out some really cool ways which would definitely improve the starting time of windows startup. My system got booted in just 10 seconds after these tweaking. Lets get started on How to start computer faster and start windows in 10 seconds

    Disable Extraneous Services

    Lot of services on the Windows system keep running in the background. Some services might put hell load on the system and would not be important for system to run. These kind of process are part of softwares which automatically get started on system startup. We need to find those out and remove them from stating automatically.

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    Disable Startup Applications

    Many unwanted softwares at startup can become a stress on loading of Windows. Many softwares we use occasionally but are started on every startup automatically. Disabling a few or all unwanted startup programs would really show the improvement on booting time.

    System BIOS Tweaks

    System BIOS settings are specific to motherboard and not very much dependant on the Operating System, though some features may get derived in the BIOS from OS. Usually when computer starts it looks for all the devices which are plugged in, and look what data is received from those devices. BIOS setting contains the priority or sequence of devices's lookup. For example - Before OS gets loaded, BIOS setting checks if CD is present in the drive (to check if present, the content in the CD should be read first, It could be bookable CD). Open BIOS settings just after you press the Computer Switch On button. Based on your model of computer or laptop, the BIOS settings are launched on different keys press. Example - DEL key, F2 key or F12 key.

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    Cleaning the Registry

    Registry Entries are captured on every software installation, and left un-removed when the software in uninstalled. Those stale registry entries results in the slow windows startup as registries are checked at the time of computer boot up. You may use Registry Cleaner Utilities to automatically identify and remove the garbage registries from the system.

    Empty Recycle Bin

    Recycle Bin contains deleted files. Clearing this trash bin will improve the performance. System will run faster when the drives are cleaned up and does not contain unused files. You may also clean the temp folders..You can delete browser temp files, history and cookies too. Any Tune Up Utilities software for Windows will surely have all these features.

    De-Fragment Hard Drives

    This process reduces the amount of fragmentation done by the operating system. This reorganises the content of storage devices such as Hard Drive etc. This process speeds up the indexing of files and makes items quickly searchable. This would also save the disk space.