How to Disable Cortana in Windows 10 Completely


    How to Disable Cortana in Windows 10Windows 10 includes a series of interesting and interesting applications, but sometimes it can be very boring, especially if they do not go through a simple method. One of the Windows applications is Cortana, a digital voice assistant previously installed in Windows 10. Cortana is a personal assistant based on Microsoft's cloud, who can perform various tasks related to Windows using voice commands. For example, set reminders, request information, etc. Or, someone can also write questions in the search box. Like Siri and other auxiliary applications, Cortana can be activated by indicating activation commands. But this article will talk about how to Disable Cortana in Windows 10.

    What is Microsoft Cortana

    Cortana is designed to help you do things. Prepared the first day to provide answers and perform basic tasks, Cortana learns from time to time to be more useful every day. Count on Cortana to remember and work on all your devices. Learn more about Cortana at WikiPedia.

    What Cortana can do for you

    Cortana knows how to remember things and helps you maintain your commitment. He can remind you to do things according to time, place or even people. You can also add photos to your reminders as simple visual cues.

    Reminders based on time

    Set reminders for a specific time or day, for example, 3 things. or every Monday, so Cortana can remind her when she needs to know.

    Reminders based on location

    Set reminders with locations, such as supermarkets, so Cortana can remind you to drink milk on your next purchase.

    Reminder based on Photos

    Add photos to your reminders, such as your child's favorite game, to remember next time.

    Why Should You Disable Cortana

    Frankly, if I have to classify Cortana, Siri and Google Assistant according to their performance and intuitive approach, Cortana is likely to end.

    Cortana is very bad at her job of judging orders and waking up from nothing. In addition, he collects our personal information while offering us half-baked services.

    The intensive use of the disk in Windows 10 is one of the main reasons to disable Cortana. Even when the PC is idle, Cortana requires a large amount of RAM, which slows system performance.

    Although it has never been reported that it has led to 100% disk use in Windows 10, some people still want to get rid of this form in the task manager.

    Main reason should be to increase performance of your laptop, see how shall you boost startup time of your computer. Also to improve Chrome Speed  You need to Control CPU Usage consumed by the browser for better internet surfing.

    How to Disable Cortana In Windows 10

    We have 2 methods to disable Cortana completely from Windows 10, Lets look at them one by one.

    1) Using Windows Settings

    To provide the best results, Cortana continuously tracks daily activities in Windows 10 and analyzes user's all private information. This includes searches made, browser history, emails, contacts, location info and more.

    The first thing you should do is suspend all surveillance services for your activities. To do this, open Windows Configuration 10> Select Cortana> Select the "Permissions and History" tab.

    Disable Cortana in Windows Settings

    History And Permissions

    • Click on "Manage information that Cortana can access from the device" "> Transfer everything from Start to Stop
    • Click on "Manage the known information of Cortana in the cloud"> Cortana will open the "Personal information" tab of the Windows search> Scroll down and click "Delete"
    • Click on your login ID> Click on Exit
    • Scroll to the History section> Disable "Show activity history".

    Here it is! You have deactivated all Cortana's activities and deleted your Cortana data.

    Hide Cortana Service

    • After stopping Cortana's service, simply hide it from the taskbar. To do it -
    • Right click on the taskbar> click on Cortana> select "Hidden".

    2) Using Group Policy Editor

    Since the Windows 10 Anniversary update, Microsoft has removed the option to manually activate the Cortana wizard. Currently, Windows users go through an "approximate" approach to remove Cortana Assistant, which involves changing the Windows 10 registry completely.

    I would recommend that you create a system restore point before moving forward. Even if you leave Microsoft's warnings for Cortana, the users themselves reported that Uninstalling Cortana was causing lot of issues.

    [NOTE: Getting rid of Cortana in Windows 10 may cause delays or errors in Windows 10]

    How to disable Cortana in Windows 10 Home using the registry?

    Disable Cortana in Registry Settings
    • Write "Registry Editor" in Windows Search and open it.
    • Click on address bar of the registry editor or enter F6 and enter the following key without any spaces: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows. If you do not see the "Windows Search" folder, right click on the "Windows" folder and select New> Password. Name it as "Windows Search"
    • Select "Windows Search", right click on the Windows panel on the right, select New> DWORD Value (32 bits).
    • Change the name to "AllowCortana". Double-click and set the value to "0"
    • Restart the device

    How to disable Cortana in Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise using the Local Group Policy Editor?

    • Open Run via Windows Search > Type gpedit.msc > Click OK.
    • Open Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components> Search
    • In the right pane, open "Allow Cortana", double-click on Settings.
    • Set the option "Allow Cortana" to "Disabled".
    • Click on OK Turn on your PC again.
    Note that deactivating Windows 10 Cortana using the local registry or the Group Policy Editor only hides the service. The Cortana process will always run and run in the task manager.

    Cortana is Far Behind Alexa and Google Assistant

    Digital assistant Microsoft Cortana is lagging behind the Google and Alexa assistants for a year. Software publishers are now adopting a different approach to the competition. Speaking to reporters at a press conference earlier this week attended by The Verge, Satya Nadella's CEO revealed that Microsoft no longer considers Cortana a competitor to Alexa or Google Assistant. "Cortana must be a skill for all Microsoft 365 customers," Nadella said, referring to Microsoft's new consumer subscription drive. "You should be able to use it in the Google Assistant, you should also be able to use it in Alexa, just like you use our application in Android and iOS to at least know how we are doing.

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    Microsoft has partnered with Amazon to allow the integration of Cortana and Alexa. When initiating the association, Nadella compared the PDAs with the web browsers that should be interoperable and access similar information. Now it is clear that Nadella considers Cortana as an application or service that will run on several platforms, instead of Microsoft competing with Cortana hardware for consumers. Microsoft has yet to convince Google that the integration of Cortana is a good idea.

    Instead of competing with Alexa, Nadella recognizes that it is difficult to create unique hardware and software to compete. Microsoft has chosen to make Cortana "a valuable skill that someone using Alexa can call" instead of competing with intelligent speakers. Maybe that's why we did not see many Cortana speakers. However, we will continue to see Cortana in material such as the Surface headphones in the future.

    Microsoft transferred Cortana from the Artificial Intelligence Research Division and joined the Experiments Research team at the end of last year, highlighting Nadella's focus on Cortana as an assistant to several products and platforms. This step coincided with the departure of Microsoft's president, Cortana, and put an end to a difficult year for digital assistants. Microsoft has made Skype calls available in Alexa and Xbox One also supports Alexa. Microsoft is repositioning Cortana in Windows 10, even separating it from the search wizards and turning off the PDAs during installation. Many folks have started disabling Cortana from their Wndows 10.

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    Do You Really Use Cortana

    with Google and Amazon Assistant, Alexa continues to grow and dominate in terms of smart attendees, and Siri Apple seems to be happy, no matter how serious it is, Cortana Microsoft is a constant concern of the community.

    Lately there have been several important developments, but it is the same as things like American exclusivity. For all types of smart home integration. Enough to say that for many people, Cortana is quite difficult to use.

    And the focus is on the Windows Central forum:

    Serious. Why?
    However Cortana chooses Microsoft, this is a really useless application that does not add value to the Windows user experience. This path, from publication to success in 2014 until the total stagnation in 2018, has become a sad path to follow. I understand that this is not a new problem. Cortana has been useless for at least a year. But the reality of the seriousness of the situation was revealed to me recently when I was asked to make a new laptop. I asked the person if he wanted Cortana to fix it. He said: "What is it?" I gave him a brief review and he asked me: "Is it useful?"
    I almost automatically answered "yes, it's useful", but I stopped in the middle of the sentence because, honestly, I do not see any reason to configure Cortana on a new laptop. All this experience encouraged me to go back to my laptop and see my own Cortana user experience.
    Over the years, I have prepared all of Cortana's skills that one can imagine. Flights, traffic, stocks and stocks, news, weather, sports. Just say, I'm already using it.
    As soon as it is available, I connect my LinkedIn, Outlook and 365 accounts to Cortana. Nothing works No way. I do not really remember when it stopped working, and frankly, it was never good to start.
    For example, connecting user accounts such as Outlook and LinkedIn is useless. Cortana has full access to these accounts, but does not send me any notification. Does not mean.
    During the 4 years that I used Cortana, I never received a notification about tracking flights or packages, even if I had planned. I do not remember the last time I received a weather warning. Previously, you could see notifications of stock prices and news alerts, but this service has been suspended for a long time.
    Why is Cortana still there?

    As a stranger in the United States, I have never personally given Cortana a chance because our set of characteristics is not the same. At this point, it may be too late for me to also want to participate.

    But things like smart homes are just a small piece of the puzzle and Microsoft seems to have a plan for what Cortana will be. Whether it's for you or not, touch the thread below and tell us what and why.

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    Which Countries Mostly use Cortana Assistance

    I am adding a table in descending order by usage of Cortana in that country. Hope this info helps you. 

    EnglishUnited StatesAmerican EnglishAvailableWindowsAndroidiOS
    United KingdomBritish EnglishAvailableWindowsAndroid, iOS
     CanadaCanadian EnglishAvailableWindowsAndroidiOS
     AustraliaAustralian EnglishAvailableWindowsAndroidiOS
     New ZealandNew Zealand EnglishNot AvailableWindows
     IndiaIndian EnglishNot AvailableWindows