How to Fix ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR in Chrome Browser

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Wnat to fix ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR? Want to get rid of this error in no time? ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR error usually occur on browsers specially Chrome because of many reasons.Not necessarily whether you are using VPN or not.



SPDY needs secure communication with SSL / TLS to work. This is why, when visiting a secure website, many consumers explore this Error.
  • SSL: Secure Sockets Layer
  • TLS: Transport Layer Security
Google, Gmail, Youtube, etc sites are instance of a safe HTTPS pages, but when you visit websites that are NON HTTP, you may also find SPDY errors. TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) is used on this site. SPDY also promotes this protocol and when customers visit this website, it generates errors.

Although this is common in Google Chrome, in Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer you can also find this error. You may also notice ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED error many a times.

Common SPDY Problem

SPDY error associated with SSL / TLS. Therefore, if your browser is not up-to-date, you can expect to see this error when you visit a secure and insecure website.

Users often find this error during their Reddit and Wikipedia visits for some reason.  That's why it's often called SPDY Reddit.

If you only see this error when you visit Reddit or Wikipedia, simply clean the socket (the technique described below) to fix it easily. Many people see error code DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN on their browsers, we have a solution for it.


Your computer sends a request using SPDY protocol when you visit a web page. An outdated browser will activate an ancient SPDY version

Since most of the popular browsers like Chrome only supports the recent version, an error will lead from your request. Your browser will display ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR.

When you see ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR, you might experience this additional error DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_BAD_CONFIG. After you resolve the SPDY error, you will not see this error too.
  • failed to load resource: net::ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR
So it's time to fix SPDY Protocol Error using the simple steps below when you experience the SPDY error or any of its variants.


There are mainly five ways to solve this type of error.
  1. Update your Browser
  2. Flush SPDY Sockets in google chrome
  3. Clear temporary files, cookies, and caches
  4. Use chrome cleanup tool
  5. Check your Antivirus Setting

1. Update your Browser

Step 1: Move your pointer to the top right corner. Click on the three points. Select Settings.
Step 2: Click on About in the left sidebar. A new window appears. Here you can see if your browser is updated or not.


2. Flush SPDY Sockets in google chrome

Follow these steps to flush out SPDY sockets on Chrome Browser:
  • Copy the URL below.
  • chrome://net-internals/#events&q=type:SPDY_SESSION%20is:active
  • Paste it into the address bar of your Chrome address bar and Enter.
  • Click on the small drop-down arrow in the upper right corner of the RED strip that you see in your browser window.
  • Click on “Flush Sockets

3. Clear temporary files, cookies, and caches

Clean up all the temporary unwanted data present in the system.
  1. Press Windows Key + R key. Type %temp%. Hit Enter.
  2. Lots of small files and folders will open a window. Select it all and click Shift + Delete.
  3. Remove cookies and cache now. Go to the story in the menu at the top correct corner of Google Chrome.
  4. Go to clean navigation. Finally, click the Delete navigation data button.
I would recommend you to check your Google Chrome for High Resource usage, some time chrome reaches 100% of processor use and slow down the system.

4. Use chrome cleanup tool

Chrome Cleanup Tool is the best way to deal with such browser problems. Download the Chrome Cleanup for Google. Start executing a browser scan after installing the tool. It will solve all errors and network issues by themselves in a few minutes.

This tool was formally created by Google to provide a better browsing experienceThis tool is also very useful to remove unwanted toolbars from the third-party homepage and unexpected browser crashes. If you are struggling with slow windows, then you can disable unwanted services from your computer.

5. Check your Antivirus Settings

Many antivirus may cause this kind of problem. To fix this error open the antivirus software you have installed, go to settings. Open Web Protection or Web Shield Settings.
Now add all URLs that are giving the ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR

To correct this network error, you learn some easy options. Remember to restart your browser as the first step to fixing the problem after reading this. It may look busy to restart your PC, but it will fix your issue. For more information about SPDY you can check out Wikipedia pages.

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