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Getting error "Wacom No Device Connected" on Windows? A number of Windows 10 users have recently reported that their computer can't connect to the Wacom tablet. The desktop center of Wacom shows that no device is connected. Reinstalling drivers, rolling back drivers or restarting Wacom services can easily solve the problem.

Why it shows No Device Connected (Wacom)

There are also some hardware issues that you need to tackle. Make sure your device is plugged into a suitable port. Try to change ports and make sure the cable is correctly connected and in working condition.

Here are three options to try. You don't have to try them all, just go down and find the one that works for you.

How to Fix Error Wacom No Device Connected?

We have compiled these simple set of solutions to get rid of "Wacom No Device Connected" message.

Solution 1: Reinstalling the Visual C++ Redistributable Packages

Another workaround for this issue is to ensure that you have installed on your desktop the recent Visual C++ Redistributable packages. As described above, close all Wacom facilities, update your redistributables and then try connecting the tablet again.

  1. Go to the official download of Microsoft
  2. After selecting the language, click the Download button.
  3. Select "vredist_x64.exe," then click Next. Soon after the download begins. Save the file in a secure place and operate the .exe file.
  4. Restart your computer after the setup is finished and check if the issue has been solved.

Solution 2: Updating Driver and Reinstalling Programs

If it doesn't work to restart the service, we can try to update the driver. We will first remove the driver and then all apps linked to it. You guarantee that all configuration errors have been resolved by reinstalling apps and drivers and that the computer recognizes the tablet when it is first attached.

1. To start the Run application, press Windows + R. Type in the dialog box "devmgmt.msc" and press Enter. This will launch the manager device.

2. Navigate through all systems until the "Human Interface Devices" category is found. Expand it and choose "Tablet Wacom." Right-click and select "Uninstall Device".

Wacom No Device Connected

3. To start the Run application, press Windows + R. Type in the dialog box "appwiz.cpl" and click Enter. A new window of all the programs installed on your desktop will emerge.

4. Navigate through all of them until you find any application related to Wacom. Right-click it and select “Uninstall”. Do this for all the applications which you can find which are related to the tablet.

5. To start the search bar, press Windows + S. In the dialog box type "cmd", right-click the application and select "Run as administrator."

6. Execute the following instructions at the command prompt:

mklink /j “D:\Program Files\Tablet” “C:\Program Files\Tablet”

In this situation, the program files custom location is D drive. You can substitute "D" with anything that happens to be your drive.

7. Go to the official website of Walcom and download the recently available drivers. Save them to an available location as we will later access them.

8. To start the Run application, press Windows + R. Type in the dialog box "devmgmt.msc" and press Enter. This will launch the device manager.

9. Locate the Walcom tablet from the device list, right-click it and choose "Update driver."

A new window pops up asking if you want to automatically or manually update the drivers. Select the second option (manually). Browse and connect the drivers to the location you downloaded.

Wacom No Device Connected

10. Restart and re-plug your Wacom device.
11. Press Windows + R, type in the dialog box "services.msc" and click Enter.

Wacom No Device Connected

12. Navigate all services to discover "Wacom Professional Service." Right-click and select "Restart." Now check whether the issue has been solved.

Solution 3: Reboot Your PC

Reboot your Computer to allow the full impact of the Wacom driver update. You can check out this guide for more instructions on how to update Windows drivers.

Windows restart usually checks for driver restore, system restore, driver uninstalls, DLL file repair, VR support check, driver pre-download to another PC, PC repair,  hardware detection,  and PC speed up, etc. So first option can be restarting your computer

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