Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 18932 - 20H1 Bugs and Improvements

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Microsoft recently published Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 18932 (20H1) for Windows Insiders with fast ring.

IMPORTANT: As always in the early version of the development cycle, this version may contain errors that can be painful for some people. If you use this flight, you cannot replace Slow Preview or Release timbre without installing a new PC. If you want to stay in 19H1, change your ringtone settings via Settings> Update and Security> Windows Insider program. See latest windows major version for more details.

Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 18932

If you want to see what building is inside the inner ring, open Flight Hub. You can also check the rest of our documentation here, including a complete list of new features and updates released as part of Insider Robbery for the current development cycle.

What's new in Windows 10 Build 18932?

New sensitivity feature in Eye Control

They continued to develop and improve eye control based on customer feedback. With this version, they have made improvements in the following fields.

Drag and drop: one of the most requested functions, mouse to drag and drop, now implemented in Eye Control. When activated from the eye control settings screen, the right mouse control tool now allows the operation of mouse movements, as well as the ability to combine clicks and retouching with the mouse button. Change Shift and Ctrl.

Pause: They have improved the resting experience. Selecting the pause button completely hides the control panel. In the case of rejection, the panel starts to reappear when you close your eyes for a moment or leave the eye screen. This allows viewing perfect content in full screen, like watching videos. In addition, this also allows an application that allows you to use the eye display without activating Eye Control, which is useful if you are reading the newly launched Eye First application.

Switch Support: Previously, Dwell was a method for clicking buttons. Work is the act of fixing your eyes on the screen and keeping it for a while. In this version, they add the second activation method, switch. In this method, retention is used to select the target, but clicking the button is done with a switch. When this joystick is activated or on a device that mimics it, it is supported.

Under the hood: people who want to develop a standalone application can do so using the open source library from the Windows Community Toolkit View Interaction Library. In this Eye Control revision, the user interface is implemented using the same code in the Gaze interaction library.

Configuration: they have updated the configuration to allow you to manage more visualization control functions. This includes activating new functions and better control of numerical values ​​that change the responsiveness of the system to eye movements. This allows a more personal and natural experience to control your eyes.

Accessibility Improvements

Narrator will start reading web pages and e-mail automatically: Do you want to listen to the most valuable content faster? Narrator now automatically starts reading web pages when they are loaded. The narrator will start reading at the main sign, if applicable, or return to a reasonable paragraph. Narrator will also start reading emails automatically when you open Outlook and the Inbox application. If you find an experience that is not functioning properly, send us your comments.
The interface magnifying glass now functions with dark themes and text size options: The image below shows two magnifying windows. The first is the Light theme and standard text size; The ones below are dark subjects and the text is reduced to 125%.

Upgrade your notification configuration

In the latest version, based on your comments, they have tried to give you more control over the possibility of interference. Focus overview helps you send notifications automatically when you try to stay current and is not interrupted, and adds an option to use click center to ignore notifications if you want the message to disappear quickly.

However, he told us that our notification configuration was not easy to find. Also, after you find the settings, this can be difficult to understand.

To overcome this, Microsoft began to make several changes, including:

  • When you receive a notification grid, there is now an online option to disable notifications for this application or to access notification settings for the application.
  • When you enter notification settings for an application, you will see that developers have added images to help you determine the effects of certain parameters.
  • Do you prefer all silenced notifications? To do this, you no longer need to access the voice control panel beforehand. They added it as a top-level option in configuration notifications and actions.
  • But wait, there's more! Developers also added a new direct link at the top of the service center to manage notifications. You need one step less to access the Notification and Action settings. To make room for this, they have moved the text "no notification" to the Action Center, which also means that your eyes do not need to cross too much to see when you start. Center of action from the bottom of the screen. screen.
  • Lastly, don't ever reject notifications that you want to deactivate and open Settings for notifications and actions just to find the sender's notification list for a long time. You can now sort the list of the latest applications that have sent notifications.
  • Currently they are available to several experts in the fast ring and users have seen positive results so far. Microsoft will notify you as soon as they are available to all prisoners. If you have other comments about notifications, don't hesitate to share them with us here.

Phone - Screen and Notifications features

Microsoft brought new additional features to your mobile screen, including the ability to press buttons and integrate them with notification. Try this preview function and give your opinion.

Activate the touch function

Now you can interact with your mobile screen by pressing the button once and for a long time. This practical feature will allow you to open applications easily, select items, click links, etc., directly on your PC that supports touch.

Notification integration with the mobile screen.

Users are happy to see integration Notifications with the Phone screen for insiders with updates in May 2019 or later. If the phone screen is set, your notification will open on the mobile screen, allowing you to interact with your keyboard and mouse. If the phone's screen is not compatible or not configured, clicking the notification will take you to the notification source.

Remember that notification of your text message (SMS, MMS) will still be available at the mail node.

Notification Your mobile is available to all users.

Thanks to everyone who has shared your comments over the past few weeks to help us improve your mobile app's notification functionality. We are pleased to see that this feature is gradually being included for all Windows 10 users in April 2018 and the latest updates. Appearing on the mobile application You might need a few days, so be careful!

Mobile screen requirements

  • Choose an Android phone with Android 7.0 or higher
    • Samsung Galaxy S10e, S10, S10 +, S9, S9 +, S8, S8 +
    • Samsung Galaxy A8, A8 +
    • Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Note 8
    • OnePlus 6, 6T
  • Windows 10 PC with Bluetooth radio that supports the function of devices with low consumption
  • Windows Insiders Minimum Build 18338 and higher

Improvements and Enhancements

  1. Developers are currently converting synchronization engine parameters to reduce complexity and improve synchronization reliability. Starting today, the old synchronization configuration engine will be deactivated to produce 20H1 and changes made to configurations that have not been migrated to the new synchronization configuration engine will no longer be sent and received until the end of the job. Some configurations may not be migrated. A complete list of compatible parameters for synchronization is available here, but this list can change during 20H1. Synchronized configurations affected by these changes include settings related to task bar orientation, wallpaper, themes, etc. If you want to set priority parameters when creating it, let us know. Note that you may experience unique changes in the synchronized configuration after updating or restarting your PC, but this will stop later.
  2. They have updated our indexing behavior to exclude folders from common developers, such as .git, .hg, .svn, .Nuget, and others by default. This will improve system performance when compiling and synchronizing large codebases at predetermined index locations, such as user libraries.
  3. They fixed the problem when the update could fail on the first download attempt with an error code 0xc0000409.
  4. They solved the failure problem with the latest update with error code 0x80070005.
  5. They have solved the family edition problem, because some devices cannot see the "% downloads" change on the Windows Update page.
  6. They have improved the race conditions, which has caused some experts to see many explorer.exe files stuck in the latest version. This also seems to be the main cause for some of those who have inside information and know that the Control Panel has not yet begun. Let us know if you continue to experience problems after updating this building.
  7. They solve a problem where some people find that their search boxes in file search engines produce unexpected and falling small spaces when a user clicks on them.
  8. They are troubleshooting a parameter blocking if you try to add a language in an earlier version.
  9. In Word, after displaying "flash messages" on the Braille screen, Narrator now only displays the current title correctly.
  10. They have modified the Windows Ink Workspace back-end a little to increase start time.
  11. Fixed an issue that caused a sudden 0% CPU usage in Task Manager on the Performance tab.
  12. Fixed an issue that could make the remote desktop window black for a few seconds when disconnecting a remote desktop session.
  13. They corrected the problem that caused Direct3D 12 games to collapse on the previous flight.
  14. They solve problems that can cause applications to block when entering Asian characters.
  15. They have fixed the Chinese Pinyin IME problem where, if you finish the sentence and click, the next thing you type will not display characters.
  16. They fixed the problem with the Chinese Pinyin IME, where a mouse overboard flight can be blocked on certain candidates in the candidate window.
  17. They have fixed the problem with the Chinese Pinyin IME, where windows candidates are not displayed when writing in the Microsoft Edge search field (Ctrl + F).
  18. Fixed an issue that prevented him from using Touch to open the context menu of the Microsoft Edge website after using pinch to zoom in or zoom out.
  19. The narrator search mode will now reset the range of all items in each opening.
  20. Data looks good. Therefore, they started a solution for the taskbar that stops suddenly when you start, if it is configured to automatically hide the All in Quick.
  21. They solved the problem that the Bluetooth handsfree audio driver (bthhfaud.sys) can be blocked when creating or disconnecting the Synchronous Connection (SCO) connection that is connected to the headset. This will cause all audio files in the system to stop working until the system is restarted.

Windows 10 Build 18932 : Known issues

  1. If you cannot install the game through the Xbox application, you can restart the installation. If it continues to fail, you might want to go back to 18922.
  2. There was a problem with the previous version of the anti-cheat software used with games where, after updating to the latest version of 19H1 Insider Preview, the PC could experience interference. Developers are working with partners to upgrade their software with improvements, and most games have released patches to prevent computers from facing this problem. To minimize the risk of this problem, be sure to run the latest version of your game before trying to update the operating system. They also work with anti-cheat developers and game developers to solve similar problems that might appear with people's preview in 20H1 and they hopefully will try to minimize the possibility of this problem in the future.
  3. Some Realtek SD card readers do not function correctly. They are studying this case.
  4. Tamper protection can be disabled in Windows Security after updating this building. You can turn it on again. In August, protection against sabotage will be reactivated by default for everyone inside.
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