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Windows 10 Latest Update version 1903, updated in July 2019  also known as Windows 10 July 2019 Update or KB4507460 Build 14393.3085, will be the seventh major update that Microsoft plans to launch in July with new features and improvements.

In addition, this will be the first of the next two updates in 2019, and although we are a few weeks away from the final version, thanks to the test preview copy available in the special Windows Insider Public Portal, we now have a clear idea of the changes that are to come. even with "Windows 10 Latest Update July 2019 Update Build 14393.3085" (assuming that the name will follow the scheme as we saw before the publication).

Windows 10 Latest Update

In this guide, we will showcase some new feature updates and improvement lists for the 1903 version when they roll out in every test copy being beta tested. (You can also see the best features and the best-hidden changes that come with feature updates, local improvements, and a clean installation process.)

What's The New Experience

You can watch this introductory video with all the changes included in the latest version of Windows 10 Insider Preview.

As of version 1903, Windows 10 added an acrylic effect that is part of the current design in the background. Translucent textures help you focus on connection tasks by moving controls that can be tracked in the visual hierarchy while maintaining accessibility.

If you do not like the new experience, you can deactivate the acrylic effect on the login screen using the Group Policy Editor, under Administrative Template> System> Connection> "Show the transparent connection plan". You can also disable the transparency effect of the system to eliminate the effects of the Input screen.

Start Menu Windows 10 Latest Update

The Start menu debuted with a new simplified default design that will appear in the new installations and accounts, which according to the company has been simplified into a thin column design with reduced top-level tiles.

You can right-click on the group header or the path folder to find the option to free groups or folders. When you scroll over the navigation panel of the Start menu, it automatically expands after a certain period of time.

You will find new icons for the options "Suspend", "Disable" and "Restart" in the Energy menu, as well as new icons for the options "Change account settings", "Block" and "Exit" in the Profile menu.

Plus, the exotic Start Menu will now be seen in the separate StartMenuExperienceHost.exe application to beautify the developement work cycles and debugging, isolating experiences of possible problems that affect other services.

Search and Cortana

As of Windows 10 Latest Update July 2019 Update, Microsoft has split Cortana and Search into two separate experiments in the taskbar. As a result, when you start the search, you'll see a better-spaced and updated homepage to show the latest activity and the latest applications, adding support for light themes with subtle acrylic effects on all the search filter options.

Then, when you click on the Cortana button, access the experience directly to the voice assistant. But see this guide to learn how can you disable Cortana feature completely.

Light theme in Windows 10 Latest Update

Starting with Windows 10 version 1903, a new theme of system light brings brighter colors to the Start menu, the Maintenance Center, the taskbar, the touchpad and other elements that do not have a color scheme. Truly clear when you go from darkness to light. system issues.
There is a new color palette available in Settings> Personalization> Color and choose the Light option in the "Choose your color" drop-down menu.

When using the drop-down menu, you will also find the Custom option, which allows you to continue using light themes without new changes.

In addition, the July 2019 update Build 14393.3085 also introduces a new default wallpaper that you can use. Go to Settings> Personalization> Themes and choose the Windows Light theme.

Game bar

In Windows 10 version 1903, the game bar contains a new gallery to view screenshots and videos without having to leave the game. And there is an option to share content directly on Twitter.

Boot Experience

If you use a Microsoft account associated with your phone number, you can now use the SMS code to enter and continue to set up your account without a password. After logging in to your Windows 10 account, you can use Windows Hello Face, a fingerprint or PIN as your primary authentication method in the Windows 10 Latest Update.

When you need to change your PIN, this new version also updates the reboot experience to align with the design shown in Microsoft Web Services. New changes are also available in the operating system when a username and password are needed, for example, when creating a new account.

Storage Space

The storage configuration page has been redesigned to allow you to quickly see how space is used, without having to select each disk to display the same information, which is not too intuitive for many users.

As a result of this change, you will no longer find the "Storage Address" section, but you can still access the configuration to enable, disable, and configure functions by clicking Configure Storage Address or running it now under the "Storage" link.

These were the major Windows 10 Latest Update July 2019 Update getting rolled in July 2019 version KB4507460 Build 14393.3085. Read more on

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