How To Fix Loud Fan Noise On Laptop Windows 11

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PC fan noise can be very distracting, especially when you're trying to concentrate on your work or watch a movie. The new Windows 11 operating system has brought a few enhancements, but it's common for users to encounter distinct fan noise issues on their workstations. In this article, we will examine four viable solutions for addressing and resolving the noisy fan issue on your Windows 11 computer.  Are you facing computer freezing issues on your Windows 11 system?

Update Your PC's Profiles

The most important step in reducing plainly audible fan noise on your Windows 11 PC is to update the Profiles. Profiles (Fundamental Information/Result Framework) is responsible for managing your PC's hardware components, including the fan. Use these methods:

  1. Search for "Framework Data" in the Windows search bar, then launch the associated application.
  2. Locate "Profiles Variant/Date" data within the Framework Data window.
  3. Notate the Profiles variation and producer nuances.
  4. Visit the manufacturer's website and navigate to the assistance or downloads section.
  5. Find the most recent Profiles update for your PC's make and model.
  6. Download and deploy the Profiles update in accordance with the developer's instructions.
  7. Restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

The Air Vents and Fan Should Be Cleaned

Dust accumulation on air intakes and fan blades can restrict airflow and force the fan to work harder, resulting in audible noise. Cleaning these components can significantly reduce the fan's noise. Have you encountered any mobile hotspot in windows conflicts with Windows 11? This is precisely what you wish to achieve:

  • Close your computer and disconnect it from the power source.
  • Use a delicate brush or a container of compressed air to clear the air vents of grime.
  • Using a Q-tip or a delicate brush, carefully clean the cutting edges of the fan.
  • Ensure that the air vents and fan are completely free of grime.
  • Plug in your computer and switch it on to determine if the fan noise has decreased.

Modify Power Settings

Windows 11 provides power options that allow you to manage your PC's performance and energy consumption. Changing these parameters can help limit fan disturbances. Use these methods:

  1. Press Windows key + X and choose "Power Options" from the menu that appears.
  2. Click "Extra power settings" in the Power Options window to access cutting-edge power settings.
  3. Locate the dynamic power plan and click "Change plan settings" near it.
  4. In the window for Altering Plan parameters, click "Change stepped power settings."
  5. Find the option "Processor power the executives" and expand it.
  6. Reduce the "Greatest processor state" value (e.g., to 80%).
  7. Click "Apply" and then "Alright" to save the modifications. Are you experiencing any mouse not working  problems or issues with on your Windows 11 device?
  8. Restart your computer and observe whether the fan noise has decreased.

Monitor and supervise the central processor Use

An excessive use of the central processor can cause the fan to spin faster and generate more noise. Checking and monitoring computer processor usage can help alleviate this issue. You can accomplish:

  • To launch the Assignment Supervisor, press Ctrl+Shift+Esc.
  • Click the "Cycles" tab to view the active cycles and their computer processor utilisation.
  • Identify cycles that utilise a significant amount of computer chip resources.
  • To terminate such cycles, right-click on them and select "End Undertaking" from the context menu.
  • Try not to operate multiple asset-elevated applications concurrently.
  • Consider implementing a reputable third-party framework enhancement device to better manage central processor use.


Experiencing plainly audible fan noise on your Windows 11 PC can be discouraging, but there are effective ways to address and determine this issue. Have you noticed any abnormal cursor jumping crashes on your Windows 11 system? By refreshing your PC's Profiles, cleansing the air vents and fan, and adjusting the fan speed, you can increase its performance.

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