How To Find Out Correct Audio Drivers For My Computer


Finding the correct audio drivers for our computer sound card can be a headache. However, if the sound card did not come with an audio driver CD, don't worry there are still several ways to locate the drivers. Even if you don’t know what kind of sound card you have you can still get the drivers using online resources. If there is no way to identify the card whatsoever, you can use diagnostic tool software to tell you what kind of card you have.

Run "dxdiag" 

In some cases you may be able to figure out the type of drivers you need by just running a simple command. Click on your “start menu” in the bottom left corner of computers task bar. Type “dxdiag” in the search bar, press enter and a new window will open. This window will display your video, sound and system information. Click on the “sound tab” to see your sound card related information. You can use this data to find the sound card details like name and brand.

Refer to your computer manual

An easy way of locating the correct sound drivers is by checking the manual that came with your computer. It will specially tells you what kind of sound card your computer has installed. Once you figure out the sound card model, you can download those drivers off the manufacturer’s website. If you have a specific brand computer such as a Dell, you can also look up the drivers using your computer's serial number at Dell's website.

Open your computer case

If you do not have a manual or your computer is not a name brand, you can sometimes find the sound card model information on the card itself. Turn off your computer and remove the power plug. Then remove the side panel and look for the sound card. It will be attached to the motherboard. You can tell which component the sound card is by tracing the cables from the speakers to the computer. 

On the card there may be a brand name or label identifying the card. Sometimes you may not have a specific sound card and the speakers may plug directly into the motherboard. Most of times the motherboard will have a specific brand that can be identified as well in the case. Use this information to locate the manufacturer’s website and download the drivers.

Use a diagnostic program

If you do not have a computer manual or your computer is not a name brand, you can use software to find the correct drivers for your computer. Programs like Dr. Hardware can scan your computer and decipher the type of sound card you have.