How to Change Theme of Microsoft Edge Browser - Light / Dark Mode

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Want to change theme of Microsoft Edge Browser? Do you want to change the way browser looks?  The new Edge browser of Windows 10 has got a dark theme feature which reverses the way UI looks.
It inverts some set of UI components by reversing the colour scheme like putting white text on a black background in its navigation and menus. You are still good to see the actual website in the same colours it actually has. It does not changes the colours of web page your are browsing. This article will guide you on How to Change Theme of Microsoft Edge Browser.

Microsoft Edge continues to improve. New features are added regularly to web browsers and are now better than before.

Some of the functions included are easy access to Cortana (search assistant), the ability to log web or graffiti, create playlists that are easy to use, tools to analyze website performance, etc. You now can easily disable cortana in Windows 10 if its bothering you.

Microsoft Edge with a new skin

One of the relatively new features included in the Edge browser is the ability to choose themes. Currently, you can only choose two themes for browsers: Dark and Light.

However, there are rumors that users will be able to choose a broader topic in the future.

However, this new feature is a good gesture that shows that Microsoft knows that aesthetics are important to users.

In this article, we will talk about the best Microsoft Edge theme to use and how to change the theme in the first place. However, people mostly use Edge for reading PDFs or long articles. You also can turn on reading mode in Edge browser.

Steps to add the theme of the new Microsoft Edge browser

How to change theme of Microsoft Edge

Step 1: Open Microsoft Edge

Step 2: Click the "Other Actions" icon located at the top right of the browser window. The appearance of this icon is marked by three dots.

Step 3: After clicking on the icon, look for the 'Configuration' option. That's at the bottom of the list.

Step 4: Next, in the Settings section, you must be able to find options to choose between the Claro or Oscuro themes.

The lightweight thematic user interface has several advantages. In fact, some studies ask whether bright subjects or dark subjects are better for productivity.

Most studies have shown that dark characters in clear or white interfaces (bright subjects) are better than brightly colored characters in a dark user interface (dark subject).

For example, there is a study by Bauer and Cavonius (1980) where 26% of participants are more appropriate when reading dark texts on a clear background when reading texts on a dark background. 

The human eye tends to focus more easily on dark characters on a bright background. This makes reading easier. Many a times annoying popups drag our attention and disturb the experience, better option is to disable popups in edge browser.

Remember that several factors, such as the brightness of the room you are in, can affect your ability to read or work with bright subjects.

The advantage of the dark theme

That said, using dark themes Microsoft Edge has advantages. For example, users claim that using a dark theme reduces video reflections and the amount of blue light displayed on the screen.

Less blue light means your eyes will be more comfortable and not tense. This allows users to sleep more easily at night.

There is a myth that a dark user interface slightly reduces the amount of energy needed. Say you want to save your laptop or cellphone battery. Then you can immediately move to the dark topic.

However, this has proven to be a myth because your computer still uses the same amount of energy to display the user interface with a dark theme on your screen.

Microsoft Edge continues to grow because more features are added regularly. Many of these features enhance aesthetics and productivity. But above all, I love Edge browser only because of Google Chrome's high resource and disk utilization which slows down the performance.

Now that you can choose between dark and light subjects, you need to know the unique benefits of each theme. Therefore, you can better decide on the best Microsoft Edge theme to use personally. If you still have not downloaded the Edge yet, then here you go.

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